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for Vidal is explained in March

Divisional governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, stated that there would be lists of candidates of their governing party and his / her. election calendar marked "after March".
"Mauricio Macri's most important advocacy is and is already defined. The rest of the election candidates and their election calendar are debated for next year. today on the record of the people or the mines, "he said in the interviews published by La Nación and Clarin.
Vidal made the ideas after a week in which he considered an early election in the province of Buenos Aires.
He asked Macri to have "been re-elected" and that he wants to achieve his commitment to the people of Buenos Aires to be "the candidate for the president of the following year."
"Buenos Aires knows that I have been defending them over these years and I will continue to do it. In addition to that, I have achieved the commitment that I have given and that no other regulator : I'm not a candidate for a president next year, "he said.
In addition, he avoided pronouncing changes in the election calendar in the province of Buenos Aires.
He noted that "all options are open and capable," although he clarified that "there is still no time to talk to them" because the elections are not today on the agenda of the people "or even herself.
According to Vidal, there is a selection of e-mails strategy and the bids that will be sorted "by President, with the national Government, in the Change area as of 2015" and not There will be no definition "at least to March".
"The candidates are not defined by politics, but with the people," she said when asked about a claim that her president and grandfather Cristina Fernández could have of Kirchner and if it would benefit the Buenos Aires government. "Today there is a section of society that wants Christina to be a candidate and is independent of what someone thinks," as "is a department that wants Mauricio to be a candidate ".
For a ruler of Buenosairean "there is no device or assemblies or support meetings that are defined. It is a society."
He thought that Cambiemos continuously says "what Argentina wanted in 2015 and what they still believe, even with mistakes and successes and with everything there is still to be done "from Argentina" without fraud, corruption, with real jobs and not by posters. "
"If there was something clear in these years, there is no one in Cambiemos who is coming to a decision and the other people are going to recommend Casa Rosada," he said.
"We have all the ability to debate, to make differences and reach agreements," Vidal warned.

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