From a migrant to a millionaire: who is the commander of the river bar that they have made out on his / her; this morning

In every case of law that he needs to submit, he says live of changas. Changas Menudas must be Héctor Godoy, Chief of a brave bar River, to defend his powers in his power: he is the man he is Home Police he's just stolen 7 million pesos at his house in San Miguel, in an attack made by the procurator Norberto Brotto, who searches the ticket repository in the & # 39; a millionaire group from this round in April.

There, that place, the division Criminal Behavior of Police he found a lot too 300 places For a meeting tomorrow, tickets that will be proven to know whether they are real or beautiful, even though they are. Give their opinion that they are original in & # 39; first eye study. And if this is added, the Godoy group will always be added 300 people to the Sívori, just throw a locker to sing bingo. The search will also add to & # 39; club in the storm's eye, as it is difficult to explain how the capo Thread of Board There are a large number of tickets on behalf of non-donated partners.

Now, who's there Godoy and how did he become the leader of the bar? Named Cavern – according to its barriers by thinking and writing; conflict resolution between words that escapes the word, he went into the horizon in the late 90's, when the famous group of "The Yogurges", as they were called to the patovic corpses trained in the club's entertainment and were driven by Adrián Rousseau and Alan Schlenker.

That word took control of the memorial in 2002 and the following instructions had a & # 39; power power: Cavern One of the seven elected by the board of directors Aguilar to put them as permanent employees from the base with a fixed wage, which would be the way in which the income received by cleaning the field industry.

Until the 2006 World Cup, the monolithic group was. But when he returned, due to money and power reasons, he started to gut and his / her; a decline in March 2007, in the famous ones "battle of the quinchos", when they were watching performances inside a & # 39; club.

Cavern at that time was on the side Adrián Rousseau and a few months later he found that he had made the right decision. Although that fight was a group of Schlenker who opposed him, in August 2007 after crime Gonzalo Acro power returned Rousseau, but since he can not go into court now, ordered his lieutenant, Godoy and Martín Araujo, they will drive the paravalan.

In less than two years, these two were made with great power and gathered during the direction Passarella all the businesses that had been and been.

Then he had a number of court cases, such as the attack of a player of lower players, he unexpectedly revealed. there was correct entry for the 2007/08 season, but after the support of the program has been advertised on the courts Football for everyone, in 2009 his name was removed from the banned list. And then his power was not complete.

In March 2014 it was arrested with a globe; bar inside a memorial 200 cards your property, tickets for sale, visa, pepper gas and 12 cell phones, but the reason ended nothing The River He decided not to be tolerant.

In November of that same year, before Superclassic for the South American Cup, The Cavern who was introduced to the competitors in the Monumental Restaurant, when they went to look for the tickets he had paid for her. This amazing game would win the team Gallardo doll and this is the introduction to the dedication in South America.

Even when it was & # 39; The cost of the incident, the wounds were not enough for the cure, Godoy he returned to his and her deprivation: In 2015, a case was opened by its non-credit staff for a club to go to, Tickets sold the bar on behalf of members who died or those who were over 95, stating that this is treated without news in the governing court at the deighth Palmaghini. And a year later he finished his / her process Judge Caunedo for taking part in a tour Ticket retailers to protect the club.

After that, Enter the list to the right that was submitted with the Safe Tribune program.

Those who believed that he was a? declining, they were wrong. From outside, Godoy He kept everything. In fact, in the present day Cup Libertadores he can see it in every game to be played out of the country, his / her guide to bar. In the last half by Guild in Porto Alegre, He was over the bus caravan and was inside the stadium, in classification The River to the border. And all the tickets went through her hands.

But what Godoy I did not know that the procurator was there from April Norberto Brotto to start an issue by selling them to barracks The River from Moreno area. And the inspection, with breathing checks and eye checks, the headteacher once again.

Description of the size of a games business; Tomorrow, everything was accelerated and today they attacked the home. Ann Cavern The only one that seemed to have changed, almost five million pesos and 300 entries. It needs to explain to Justice that money is coming from football rather than going to football; coming from plays and paint, in a case, if there is a direct and political decision, far from it.

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