From the Conicet to the Guest Foundation, the jump of science against Gisela Barreto

"The first command is to kill all the people. Part of it This is a vaccine, which appears as something that looks like. cure and cure. However, the vaccines are part of our death"Gisela Barreto said in the preparation of his" Faith moves mountains "program.

There were already things that had been criticized and a week ago; worrying to prevent anal species and scarce comparison with a glass. But now the sciences did not forgive her, because she got a vaccine.

Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich, a member of the Conicet and one of the most distinctive scientists in our country, had a direct certification from "inclusive" someone is talking about this way in the middle of communication and their; Encourage, against what he says, death.

The headquarters in Argentina came to the World Health Organization, Barreto's unprotected name, to protect the vaccine.

Leandro Cahn, the active director of the Fundación Huésped, did not stop either the second, and put it back Vaccine is right

Added to the irony, Cahn later said: "And remember, VACCINES AUSSELY THE ISLANDS, T-shirt saying".

Immunization Initiatives

At the same time, both from the world and local groups, strong warnings are made to comply with mandatory vaccine. In the last two years, symptoms of diseases that were present and, in all cases, were associated with vaccine deficiency.

Just this week, the Secretary of the Health Executive of the United Kingdom warned him more than 750,000 children between 13 months and four years, that is, 27% of the total, the extra dose of the fluid vaccine and the rubella have not yet been given. The vaccination campaign will be completed on November 30.

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