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Fungi from old tires can develop fireworks of concrete

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Pile old tires, symbolic design

A new method of protecting concrete from fire damage and the use of recycled recyclables from old tires was successfully tested by researchers at Sheffield University.

The team used threads drawn from the text reinforcement that was common in a fire to fulfill their performance. By placing that thread into a & # 39; a concrete mix that shows a reduction in its shape; concrete to spill – where surface lines of concrete are broken down – quickly under extreme heat from fire.

The use of a polypropylene (PP) thread made by a person (PP) is used to protect concrete structures from damage or fall when a fire breaks out of the well-known text. Many innovative structures, including large scale engineering projects such as Crossrail, have used concrete including PP fibers for fire protection.

Sheffield's study is the first one that shows that these threads must not be made from raw materials, but instead they will be recovered from used tires.

"We have shown that these recycled rubbings are similar to a virgin fiber that requires a lot of energy and resources to be done, "explains the author, Prof. Shan-Shan Huang, in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

"The use of waste materials in this way is so expensive, and better for its planet."

The thread will be melted under the heat from fire, and leaving networks of small shingles. This means that it is capable of being captured in a & # 39; concrete can escape, rather than be seized, which causes its probation to be & # 39; scrape out quickly.

"Because the roots are so small, they do not affect the strength or difficulty of their probation," said Dr Huang.

"The same work is to be melted when heat becomes intense. It is a concrete material that is concrete, and so it will spread to a degree good not to help you to reduce the weight within your hardware. "

The protection of the concrete from burning a fire; means that steel tanks that run through the concrete are also protected. When the steel sticks are exposed to extreme heat they rapidly weaken, and means that a structure is much more likely to fall. The Liverpool Water Car Park flooded this type of damage in a fire in 2017, which meant that all the felling had to be demolished.

Collaborating with Twincon, a company based in Sheffield who will be able to work. Developing innovative solutions for the construction industry, researchers have also developed technologies to develop the reimbursement roots from the tires used.

This included to be & # 39; splitting the roots from the rubber of a fire, displaying the threads into lines, and then discharged in line with the string; concrete mix.

The team is planning to keep it up; Testing the material with different ingredients of concrete roots, and also using a variety of concrete. They will also plan to find out more about how the materials are; going to heat at the level of the infrastructure. By scanning a & # 39; As it is heated, they will be able to find out more about the structural changes that occur within the materials.

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