Gerardo Morales was married in an indigenous reception and was released in their networks – 12/12/2018

Radical ruler Gerardo Morales He did not want to postpone his marriage, clerk, Tulia Snopek, and as she is still legally married – and the divorce is still bent – they provide a native service to mark this union between the Purmamarca mountains.

The ceremony started with the first offer made by her & # 39; couple to Pachamama, before joining them, to ask "everything that both these and their new family live and do to protect and help with Mother Earth and energies," explained them. Family members and family members participated in this statement spiritual directions Wanka Wilka, Kusikilla and Peruvian singer.

Around 800 guests will participate in the # 39; party, including local leaders and militants, the UCR-Let's changed to their location in the center of Quebrada de Humahuaca, 65 kilometers from the capital city of Jujuy.

The altar is created by new plants, in the form of bowels, including molle, rue and rosemary, to "cleanse their spirits" and that the marriage "is protected from any harm."

After being "smoked and cleansed" by preparing herbs and cocaine, torches, myrrh and copal, the connection will be crowned when it is; exchange seeds of seeds and flowers as long as it's a? promises "life together with work and union."

After the service the guests will be able to send them. party to Santa Rosa Club where they share a crew meal with lamb meat from the puna jujeña.

The story of her friend is president and her lover who has a novel story. For the start, Tulia's sister's sister, Guillermo Snopek, enemistado le Morales

This year came to fight for the Congress, where Snopek's day in the session reported that his brother-in-law was now threatened by phone. "Tell me if I could share with his wife, that he would be able to get involved with my family, who need to do with network publishing social where I hampered the use of his personal life for political issues, "said Snopek.

The president responded with a tweet in which he said "pathetic." "South Westerly. It is not a Family court in the Assembly. Unfortunately, I created additional stories for Big Brothers for a big debate. Focus on moving issue. If he does not get over he goes to the psychologist, "he sent.

She is still married by Carlos Marti Coll, a famous Tucumán lawyer with whom he opposes the property. The situation grew worse with the demand that was arrested on Marti Coll in a criminal case-for a property ban that was said by the lawyer and the – rugby-tucumano is a "move" by Morales for "break it"And finally join the divorce divorced.

Gerardo Morales with the Tulia Snopek.

Gerardo Morales with the Tulia Snopek.

His companion gave protection. "When there is a couple, you can often ask how the case is going, but there was no meeting where the government gave directions or anything (like that). The work I do everything with me and I do not have any professional relationship. President, "Spinning Snopek.

Snopek and Marti Coll married in 2015, although they had never lived together, and in March this year she started divorcing matters. Now there are two legal cases: one in Jujuy and another in Tucuman.

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