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Gianni Infantino, on the Superfinal: "It's the only way to move forward to play in Spain"

FIFA president, Gianni InfantinoHe described his definition of Cup Libertadores between Beul and The River in & # 39; Santiago Bernabéu, the stadium of Real Madrid, and approved the Government's decision Conmebol: "The only way to move forward to play a game in Spain is the same."

"What must be convicted and we must all learn lessons from those actions and make sure that this is created too and never again, "he said. South Westerly in an amazing news conference in the G20 conference framework.

And he returned that he was a decision to & # 39; playing in Madrid, supported by FIFA: "The Conmebol is the decision maker, agreeing to all parties, FIFA agrees to make a decision to Conmebol and to play a & # 39; game in Spain, not just the only game in the world that can not be identified. We are in football a problem of violence we need to remove. "Infantino responded for why it was not more suited to play in another town in the area." Infantino was supported to move her / her game to a country outside the mainland. of the Conmebol.

In addition, he explained that he did not speak to Mauricio Macri, although he sent a message of thanks and responded that he was not aware of the River's demand for the change of place: "I got out now, the Conmebol must make a decision, you must always play. In a football you can not stop the member. We need to see how we will set the conditions to play. "

Another of the points posted by the Italo-Swiss moved to the transfer of supporters to the Iberia capital to see the meeting. "In the World Cup in Russia, more South Americans were sympathetic to the rest of the planet. That's talking about their passion of football; I live in this area and I think he has a lot of knowledge on his / her; part of Conmebol and the Spanish Royal Spanish Federation to organize the changes, "he said.

In addition, he sent a message to try to settle the spirits about what the meeting is going to do; long to expect to represent: "I think we need to understand some things. It's a football game. It's not a war, even a battle, a fight. We need to learn these lessons"

Argentina is expecting to continue to " bid to organize the 2030 World Cup (along with Uruguay and Paraguay), the events could block the South American project.

"The decision to choose a place for the 2030 World Cup will be taken within four years. Much time is working and what can be done, "he clarified." We still have a problem of football violence that needs to be abolished. You need to see who is responsible for the events that happened last Saturday to work on it and not repeat it, "he said. Distribution.

Before completing the display, ask FIFA to have a & # 39; convicted to the bars that attacked the mouth of the mouth and prevented the situation. "You have to play ever. Can not stop the member. We need to find solutions so that the parties do not have to be blocked. They are an adiotach who is the party's destruction. You have to get out of football ", he finished. Finally, he welcomed the journalists by "Viva Argentina!"

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