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He argued with his neighbor and killed her with six rods

At the same time, the attack threw the knife on the pavement and went to his house. According to El Day's newspaper, the debate was about "the pages on its platform". When police officers came from the fifth local police station, a neighbor who saw the crime and the victim's victim, Eduardo Antonio Canalini, gave information about the murder that was sent, which was immediately captured. When the arrest was arrested, Ittos had blood on his father and, according to the police report, "he was in a state of emergency."

The one who is a marketer in La Plata is 34 years old

Juan José Ittos is a Peruvian citizen who is rented, along with other supporters, a house near those who are in the house. suffer. When they stopped it, he had blood on his phants and was in fish.

They went on holiday

According to the neighbors, a couple had a & # 39; going on holiday at the time of the event that ended the life of the women. The person who was suffering, apparently, heard a story about his master and then then realized something was wrong. He ran for his help, along with other neighbors, who gave the name to a ambulance. But when the doctors arrived instead, they could not do anything. The mortar, in principle, would not have been experiencing pre-suffering or disruption to his / her; case, or in the country or in Argentina. The procurator Juan Menucci, head of UFI N ° 5, will be involved.

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