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He said she had dropped and stolen by …! He's already in custody! Scandal!

Changing, changing all things, says a song that's nice to it. Most of the Mercedes Sosa, and this fact is shown every day in the world of entertaining, where the star can never be forgotten today. In fact, very few people are well-known to maintain their interest; Throughout the time: Mirtha Legrand, Susana Giménez, Jorge Rial, Marcelo Tinelli, Adrián Suar and Moria Casán.

In fact, showbiz journalists know they need to create news all the time to make the public know; keep buying newspapers and magazines where they work, and for that reason, often with little interest, they will Take care of the fighting among the most famous and pop-up celebrities on television; Look for the five minutes of identification (and its economic benefits that mean).

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Ángel de Brito knows better than anyone inside the media, and brings all the situation with humorous, unwillingness. Find out that his main goal is to play. That's why she's talking to everyone and she has no difficulty in her; Half an hour giving his son Florence Peña not spending an hour arguing tightly with Yanina Latorre about the latest portraits of Wanda Nara.

The funny thing, despite its tough record, is also the time of the journalist to use their social networks and find out about everything their friends have a & # 39; made in the environment. That's why he was the first one; in reciting a story that has just come into Mauro Zeta, the well-known police journalist that appears by Veronica Lozano: "Orissa I congratulate that to be drugged and stolen.

The whole news is very awesome and confirms that even celebrities can not be calm in Argentina, especially against the unfaithfulness: "Oriana Junco raised her meeting with two days ago, who was in her room in Sanchez de Bustamante at 1300. They argued for money, and that her husband's fuss, turned around the furniture and stole 10,000 pesos, the person protect them. "

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