"He spoke to me and I did not understand what it was"

A actress Araceli González show that it was damaged at 5 years and that he had told him a while because "we grew up in a society where we were embarrassed to say what happened to us."

"There is no doubt about any story about a woman who speaks in such a hard way," The actress said in an interview given to Teleshow in which she talked about women and the issues of illusion that appeared. As your case is, a criminal complaint Thelma Fardin the face Juan Darthés because irritation was disturbed in the words of the word; went away.

"In one I was 9 years old, I moved to a recent neighborhood and I had to go into stores, and I remember that they ran me and I was scared It was very hard. And I remember I was scared to tell my mom. Indeed, tell me about my mother. Other, at 5: One person spoke to me several times and I did not understand what he was. And tell me that my mom was already very big. We grew up in a society where we were embarrassed to say what happened to us, "he explained.

The actress told Thelma's story as "terrible" and said that he had been influenced by the video chat. "For me also for the 5 years they put down my caterpillars. There is something inside me that affects me, which worries me. I'm moving on with every I'm waiting for these women to talk, I want to draw my own conclusions. And I want to be a part. I mean, it seems terrible to me. I'm 51 years old and I have always grown up with that fear: fear of being stolen, being connected to the street, being hurt, being run"He said.

"Everything is known in this media, but it means what that means, it's the trip now, to send a message out of a lot of people, and now it really helps us, but indeed says something against someone who is powerful, and a # 39 ; appear if necessary, "he said.

He said: "There is an unexpected violence that they have been on my attraction on the top of a train, in general. Go to the street. One grew up in a neighborhood and this happened; and we grew up to understand that this could happen to us"

If you are suffering or if you know someone who suffers from sexual violence, call 144 24 hours

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