He was tired and dirty, Rodrigo Eguillor stew and slept a little in his first prison night – 06/12/2018

Meek, rude and dirty. In these circumstances, Rodrigo Eguillor (24), son of a procurator who was accused of abuse and other crimes, sent to the Roberto Petinatto de Olmos prison, five miles west of the center of La Plata.

The prison authorities tried to go back to their emotional and physical state. They gave him "personal hygiene products", they introduced him to a therapeutic assistant and they put him in a pavilion where they still keep them Others are expressed for sexual offenses.

He arrived with the same clothing when he was arrested at the international airport of Ezeiza when he was supposed to prepare for traveling to Spain, he said, the final of the Libertadores Cup. "It is not a personal property registration", says Eguillor's entry form to the # 39; deeds

After the interview with the professional and passageway through the shelves, "dropped down", as they tell Clarin The Procurement Service sources. Then he was related to the nearby people he was "fighting" with his mother, Procurement Procurator fiscal of Lomas de Zamora, Paula Martínez Castro. He did not explain the reasons for his family conflicts.

In addition, he succeeded in being a father who would visit him and his / her; achieving the necessary administrative procedures. On Wednesday night, when they left it in individual cells in the ward "abuse", he did not know that the Court of Warranty 2 of Esteban Echeverria, le Horacio Rhyb, is today in & # 39; I launched it.

Does that Eugalor become complicated in prison in Olmos with a warrant warrant for the offense to be at # 39; Conflict with authority and assault against Aeronautical Security Police (PSA) members who have notified the issues that impacted him in the regional courts. Lourdes Segura's sexual assault process in her room in San Telmo – to add to social networks and put it at the center of the media – and the other causes in the courts did not yet have clear progress individual where they are followed.

Last year, Segura's lawyer, Fernando Burlando, asked to arrest a Foreigner for the San Telmo series: he will stop Disadvantage of unlawful, badly ill and rape. And doing so before Justice of Buenos Aires, at the procurator 22's office with the responsibility of Eduardo Cubría.

In the same night of Eguillor in a penitentiary hole, he did not ask him. Your family did not get together. It was a noodle peak dance and in the & # 39; morning she was checked by a doctor to see her plaster They put him in one of his feet.

He was woke up just a few minutes after six, he slept a little. "He woke several times in the middle of the night," the report was about the guards that the reviews carried out during the night.

The face left a frightening fear when they told him he would get out of liberty near a day. But there may be other nights in Eguillor if Justice is promoting the big allegations of its unwitting and violent relationships with women.

Cash Correspondence.

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