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He was tired of paying rent, he bought an old military truck and turned into an incredible house

A young entrepreneur was tired of paying a house rent, and decided to build his own house, but on an old military truck.

After being built on her truck, Tom Duckworth's house added to all fans who were amazed at the networks. The young entrepreneur and an expert in the rebuilding of old cars said that after he had been tired of paying his rent, he decided to make a huge change in his life.

A comedy decision to buy an old man truck military and professional knowledge he put it into a house. In this way, not only did he pay his rent, but also the ability to travel and live.

Next to his house, a 24 year old Tom from England, said that he was Bedford MJ in a model; and gave it nearly a year to complete the overall transformation of the truck. Although the total investment amounted to $ 20,000 dollars, the youth stressed that it is not regrettable, and even believes that the best investment is its life.

With regard to the house built on a truckTom said: "It's a good place, although it's small for two. It gives me freedom without paying bill, as well as the chance to be to travel. "

As the young person maintains a environmentally friendly way of life, he wanted to make his home into a new energy system, as well as cutting water.

Through the Instagram account, Tom showed all the work to build an old house truck. As described, everything started with a steel frame used as a center, and on the wooden boards. In the case of a roof cover, left the builder for solar panels.

Regarding the changes that the truck, there are places for recreation and relaxation too. In fact, there is a result in the building in the roof, where you can go out and use some trips. Also, on the cabin truck, a small balcony was put, and Tom is usually used to use her / her; play guitar.

After having produced an appropriate result, the young man is trying to pull and know experience; Teaches many entrepreneurs to build their own home.

He bought old and unnecessary truck and destroyed him to criticize … until they saw what he did inside

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