His father photographed his daughter in a hamag, unknowingly that he was a capture a proportion of his legemia

Thursday, December 06, 2018 14:41

Izzy Beag was in the hamag when she fell asleep, suddenly. Her father saw her and took a picture of that moment of course without knowing that it was a sign that the child did not do well. Later weeks, find leukemia doctors.

"There was just one other afternoon in the park, I was disturbed, turned back and fell asleep, I did not give much weight, I thought it was a good time; and gave me a picture, "said Dave Fletcher, the child's father at that time, I was two years old – to foreign media. "Then, I realized that I had caught a mark on something older, I was tired, there was a bit of coldness and legs on his legs, but we found that everything was part of childhood, "he said.

After the diagnosis, the English-speaking little girl had 570 doses of chemotherapy and is now in a repair cure to prevent cancer from returning. Because of this, Dave decided to tell her story and to warn other parents to be attentive. In their case, they brought the doctor to Izzy when they found a strange brush on his leg. They performed blood tests and asked them to come back in a few days to see the results, if the rubbish does not increase, what happened.

"You're very unhappy when you look at her pictures before she becomes ill, you understand everything she's been so small, she has grown dramatically in a short time and they have given her medicine she would not like her but she's been easy ", telling the father.

"The judgment has had an impact on us but we were fortunate to have been discovered sooner. The type of leukemia that suffers with better opportunities to improve than others and is very small, It also helps, "he said.

Izzy, in the chemotherapy sessions. In May the conservation cure will be completed.

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