How To Build The Supermoon | Advice for who …

The second Supermoon of 2019 can be held today at shorter and clearer day than in January. Social networks have already been filled with images published by users and the surprise, which is not seen again for seven years, has become a move again.

As in January, the best pictures of the moon will certainly depend on professional designers with special equipment. Although the cameras of smartphones have greatly improved in recent years and that there are increasingly growing features, the dark of the night is the quality of the images that they are; capture their reduction.

In the case of the moon, speed does not help either and make it similar to a simple point of white light. By using the amount a & # 39; Increasing the quality of the image.

Even so many will have a lot. phone inside to make the effort by & # 39; worrying the people who follow their social networks. For them, some ideas

In the case of smartphones that do not let parameters change their camera, it's a bit; Improved downloading application that enables it to handle it by hand. In the downloaded sources there are several opportunities. Some of the options are an Open Camera, Camcorder or Camera FV-5.

It is best to reduce the ISO to increase awareness of camera and camera awareness and the exposure period. The thing you have for a tripod is small enough, and put a picture on the picture so that the picture does not come out. In cases where the Smartphone is enabled, they will change the image form from JPG to RAW.

Once the pictures are taken, it is always possible for them to be transmitted. The socks of social networks themselves, but for those who want more, there are requests such as Snapseed or Lightroom. It's just something to get up early and then. disturbed him.

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