How to set up an alphayan PIN as a password in Windows 10

The options are offered Windows 10 when they set a gate to get to & # 39; computer, they are very tall. So, for example, it is possible to use a password to set up an image or create an image. One of the best opportunities to set up is Albanian pin, because this option is very safe. We will tell you how to get it.

By doing this you will find it increasing security you are at a time to stop third parties accessing a system that n "# 39; your computer and, therefore, the data and requests you have submitted. So, there is a PIN with more than four populations based, because the alphanumeric is longer and, therefore, could be safer. On the way, it is set to & # 39; this security gate both if you install a Windows 10 computer for its & # 39; first time and, also, on a computer that is already full-time.

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On the way, to set up an alpha PIN in Windows 10 you do not have to visit a third party request, from Everything that is needed is included in Microsoft development (and this is possible in all versions of the Redmond company operating system).

Laptop with Windows 10

Ceumannan to set alphaine PIN in Windows 10

The first thing you need to do is access it Configuration of the operating system, which is easy to achieve from, for example, you must write the previously mentioned text in the search box (and Cortana) so that the image that allows them to access directly a & # 39; appear first. The next thing is to get into the option Census You can see in the window that appears in Windows 10.

Security options in Windows 10

The opportunities in the left part include the one you need to use the one called Log logos. Now in the right hand side you should have a section called PIN, you may need to download it to find it. Next thing, you have to choose Design If you have not already created any of your or, failing, choose Change.

Set an alphanumeric PIN in Windows 10

A new window appears in which you need to create the PIN and, to become alphanumeric, you have to select the designated box Including letters and symbols. Now, you can create the security key that will be more than four numbers and allow characters of all types. Once you complete it just press the # 39; button Take and, done, you're ready and you will have advanced security when you protect your Windows 10 computer.

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