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How will 2019 correspond to the Chinese puzzles?

It's time to find out what Chinese publishing That is to say, one of the biggest astronomers and people who want to find out how their year is.

Pig year

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An 2019 It's a pig year. This 2019 regime will add its water-rich energy-related energy (ground) and this will result in fruitful production.

The complicated aspects of 2019 are related to health, in particular related infections related to the stomach. As a diabetic illness, gastritis, stomach diseases, stomach cancer, etc. I like to eat the pig, the key to this 2019 is not behave with sugar, a fructose seirup (which is currently in many process foods) or tenancy. In a short time: you need to measure it.

Pig year's confirmation is to affect an interesting character and self-confidence distinct from its; This animal that always wants more, is always trying to do it; feel better from enjoying their body. It's a year to go & # 39; dance, enjoy & let them ever have a & # 39; suggestion to measure ourselves slightly and not include unnecessary effects.

2019 for a Chinese strategy

In pig it is a loyal look of the rat and that is why 2019 a year is very favorable to the small rocks. Opportunities from different venues from different venues, with great value in the professional field. The land is useful for starting your own business, paying your debts and compromising someone at risk.

In the social field there will be more activity that will take action and move. Unfortunately, it is anticipated that improvement will be made by affirming relationships; already or by starting a new one. The rabbit is the most complete of the Chinese brood animals in 2019 that brings out its great humor and its interesting skills for an excellent year. Despite a problem that may arise.

2019 for a Chinese tiger

In the swine year the tiger is more angry than usual. However, there is no reason for anger to destroy, to another extent. It will be a year in which its main potential for change will be a key part. Its revival life can establish the priorities correctly and accurately; Encouraging transformations that will establish the foundations of his life over the coming years.

The tiger is familiar with how he will deal with the difficulties and in the year 2019 he has everything to do to achieve his performance; despite the problems that arise. The key is not to lose emotional stability, even if your environment becomes a whale you need to go to; preserving religion and self-esteem as your strong side has always waited for being awakened.

2019 for a Chinese buffalo

2019 will wait for no rest. The pig is valued and evaluated its ability to work but sometimes it will take advantage of that. It is important that they do not try to work or do; Competition is more than this account otherwise that could affect their health. It's a global year for a & # 39; buffalo where peace and devolution are found at each end of the pack. Your needs will duplicate from one end to another if you do not encounter a type of positive limitation.

The main point in 2019 does not have a & # 39; Expect too much, energy control and its; continue friendship. It's a good time to be involved, reviewing mistakes and mistakes. worry if necessary. If you were thinking of moving to a more natural place, it would be very favorable for you to do that, improve your health and appear new ideas.

2019 for his rabbits in Chinese astrology

In 2019 this rabbit will have power to make it possible to do it. tidy at the smallest finish. It will have a strong and powerful force that will become more active in the other years. It will be a good year to dream and change what's wrong in your environment.

The pig is a rabbit for his best friend and so it's a very good year. Creativity will succeed, there will be impact, family and work arrangements. A good time to get away from people who do not work well and be close to people who do not. encouraged. It will be a year of great achievement. It is a good opportunity to revitalize itself and its & # 39; Bring your life out if you want to do it this year.

2019 Foreword for the dragon

In 2018 the dragon had a good time, the dog caused too much change, loss, breakdown. Well, in 2019 this pig will not be very unfortunate. You need to clean your behaviors for the difficult conditions you need to take. Although you want a pig from you, do not think that you can not give it.

Everything is not so bad, it's a good reason to get a & # 39; best of every minute. It is important that you keep yourself physically. Mental health is also important this year, so it is important that you share your feelings with friends or people who may be there. 2019 is a year of unexpected situations, but one person who has the ability to solve a yearly solution to face forward in the future.

2019 pre-narrative for the snake

The relationship between the snake and its pig is one of the most complex places of a Chinese dialogue so that the 2019 year-old pig is not a silent pig for the snake. This does not mean that it is positive or negative. It's just very awful. There are many shifts, changes and changes.

He must apply for patience and an awareness of the opportunity to work in a fair way in each situation. The snake is wise and knows how to move it to find out what he wants at least a year when the changes are not easy. It will be a good year to put the surface separately and add more to your interior and your spirituality and thus be stronger to suit the situations the pig swings.

2019 Foreword for the horse

In 2019 money is an important part of taking care. It will add the test to the test with unexpected costs, it needs to be attentive and not; invest in anything that can not be done. It's time for quality, you have to face the problems and not to; flee on gallop as they are used. By making ambitions make them grow. They recover recovery and genuine desire. He has love shoes and has a love that will revive him.

It's a good year to go & # 39; adopting a more remote setting in the areas in which it moves, whether it's in work, at school, at home, etc. Stop being an auditor right now and start to & # 39; contribute to your thoughts and ideas. There are important friends to feel support and company when there is a problem, closer to the end of the year. 2019 in general will be a positive year for the horse. Remember that you will be looking for money.

2019 for the Chinese goats

The goat has been punished from 2017 (year of choreography), in 2018 the dog did not help much but now in 2019 the thing changes the pig will be rescued. It will be a great year to start a new, humorous, exciting new recreation, creativity and social relationships.

2019 must be the year in which all previous repositions will provide a new, more successful path. You can identify projects, feel full of emotional and economic growth. If new ideas are exposed, remove them.

2019 Priorities for Monkey

It will be a year of bad work in which you need to manage your energy well so that you do not make it ready. It will be useful for the ideas to be ordered, if necessary, and can make a remedy or some control that expresses their minds. Also, run your free time well to relax to the maximum extent when your time is.

Monkey is always a leading artist, this year it's better to run slightly from the center of the scene. Do not try to fund everything out of place to others and this will benefit it. By 2019 plans should be polite and concrete, it does not have too much energy and so you will not waste trash or utopias.

2019 Pig Ideas

It is 2019 for your year so you should be aware of its & # 39; best to do it. The forces and the power of the stars constrain our lives and truth, but they are not assertive, the last word we are always. That's why, red pigs, do not let 2019 fly. Live every minute with intense but not to fall into the worst and worry that is really good; on us.

It is a year where nature is present where it can communicate with many of the land, so if you are able to take a trip or do it; spend time in the air, you have no doubt that. Ideas and vitality will blow in those months.

There are a number of tests to influence in particular after a month of May that they may have economic problems, you must take care of the costs in those months. The ages are right, although it should not be forgotten, it is a good year to call those people who are desirable and you have not seen them for a long time.

2019 commitment for dog dog

The dog leaving the year 2018 itself has not stopped well and does not. ready for 2019 to come in. There are love things but you should be careful not to be too romantic, love may not be loved. Enjoy the company that others can give you but be careful not to be involved in a high-profile love that will be a great deal. harm you. Be humble and listen. It is always good but this year it's particularly important to the dog, it should keep the image low.

Your support from family and friends can support if you are lonely feelings. 2019 of the year is a lot of walking, I do not know how to climb and move forward to a step by step on the four legs.

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