I know what phones are there to stop WhatsApp to work

WhatsApp messaging application is surprisingly reversed by one of its changes. This year they implemented a number of changes, including the warning when a message is sent and an agency video call. This time, the app gave some limitations to use it.

In this way, the platform will have restrictions for specific tools. On December 31, WhatsApp's new accounts can now be created, for example in the # 39; Nokia S40. Also, a case Android with a 2.3.7 operating system or earlier; and iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier versions, the date is 1 February 2020.

However, This does not mean that WhatsApp accounts on those computers will be n "#; disappeared, but the accounts that already work will continue to do so, but new accounts can not be created now. Anyway, depending Group:, although the images that have already been created continue to occur in those cell phones, Some of the duties of a stop may have to work correctly at any time, as described in the blog.

In this way, so that users can know what their mobile phones are in their operating system, and who see the changes that make the application, in terms of Android, you must go to Settings, then click About the phone and there you will see the version of the operating system of the mobile phone, as well as the phone and IMEI model, among other issues.

Also, in order to achieve the same, in an iPhone case, you must enter Choices, then select General and finally select Information, to find out what the operating system is on phone and be aware of the changes mentioned on WhatsApp.

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