If you want to blow your nose, do it in the text: you can die!

A woman sat her nose with tap water. He started suffering even worse, and finally he finished his life.

There are many things that can play a huge risk of hunting what we can do daily and safe.

For example, cleaning a nose with the water from our tap. A group of funny case doctors named a woman who died after she had gone through her sins to water.

The victim of a 69-year-old woman was disturbed by the doctors. After CT testing of his brain, the doctors thought he had a tumor and decided he would be on the next day. However, in the middle of the surgery they discovered that they were not a tumor that had the problem. But he came from him a nose.

"When I was working on this woman, part of her brain was a full balloon size of blood," said Charles Cobbs, a cleaner at the Swedish Medical Center, and Then he added to him: "It was a bad thing with whites that only made cerebral eating cells. We did not know what was happening, but when we got the exact work, we could see We're both both. "How did they go into your brain? Since it was a nose Then cleaned it at the phut.

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