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In a dollar, the room rate was up by 5% in 2018

From analysis, the increase in the prices of the rooms sold in a dollar increased from the middle of the second quarter of the year: a 5% increase between January and April 2018 and 0.3% decreased between May and December the same Year In particular, from May 2018, prices have been largely stable, with a 5.5% increase in annual terms.

Analyzing his neighbors, the study indicates that Puerto Madero is a " Sort by department with different prices in price / m2 in dollars, with an average value of US $ 6.415. Thereafter Las Cañitas, US $ 3,931 and Recoleta, is US $ 3,553. From here it shows that the m2 is in Puerto Madero and in Las Cañitas 4.7 and 2.9 times, in particular, more expensive than in Villa Lugano, the neighborhood with the most economic m2 of Capital Capital.

In terms of rent, the report shows that prices in pesos increased by 30% in 2018. Despite this, this increase was lower than the gradual admission to November there were 43.9% (Indec). The average price for a rented flat in Federal Capital in December 2018 is $ 13,581 per month.

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The study finds Caballito, Palermo and Belgrano as the required neighbors in December; and Puerto Madero again navigate the most expensive neighbors' site, with quotations four times higher than average (pesos $ 54,350 per month per month). Accommodating a room in Puerto Madero is 5.3 times more expensive than being done in Mataderos, the department with a & # 39; lowest average price ($ 10,233).

Finally, the report analyzes the annual total profit of the departments, that is, the percentage recovered from the first investment when the rented property. Decrease the same in 2018, which falls in annual terms with 2.1 percentage points and its output; closing at 2.88% at the end of the year. With these results, the most profitable neighbors are around the center and on the outskirts of the town. Villa Lugano, La Boca and Congreso, 4.5%, 4.4%, and 3.9% were the most profitable in December 2018.

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