Increase: All new prices for gasoline YPF – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

One day after Shell rose to her values, YPF followed the same route and raised them also who built them. For the state oil company, the increase was generally 4.5% in gasoline and 4.9% for diesel.

The new YPF fuel values ​​in Greater Mendoza are:

Super naphtha: $ 41.53 (Cost of $ 39.72) t

Infinia Nafta: $ 46.77 (Cost £ 44.73) t

Infinia Diesel: $ 43,52 (Cost £ 41.49) t

Ultra Diesel $ 38.81 (cost $ 37) t

YPF explained that the main reason for the increase was in the 10% increase in dollar price in March. Unsurprisingly, the difference depends on Brent's money and price movements, an international price for oil barrels.

The increase also relates to the rise in Taxation (ILC), which is updated with inflation over the last quarter and the government decided to share it between March and April. The first climbing was made at the beginning of March.

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