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Increase of organizations: from tomorrow the lowest ticket will cost $ 15 in the urban area

In December, the National Government decided to push a steady increase in the transport rates between January, February and March, with suspensions from the SUBE Network for those who bring together more than one a way of transport and those who do smaller employment through the Social Land.

In this way, the new Buenos Aires Capital and Conurbano scheme was established as follows: the bus ticket will be updated to $ 15 in January, $ 16.50 on 15 February and $ 18 as 15 March.


"Stop a complaint inside the house, make a complaint to the street"

For social welfare beneficiaries, which covers 60% of users, the general general level is 90 cents ($ 6.75).

In the case of trains, the lowest fare for Miter, Sarmiento and San Martin lines will increase by $ 1.25, which costs $ 10; in Roca, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza will increase 0.75 cents ($ 6.25), and will increase Belgrano North $ 1, which will represent a minimum ticket of $ 5.75.

The proposed fare for the subway is a & # 39; including an increase of $ 2 from March, with which the trip will cost $ 19, and $ 2 in April ($ 21).


"Rude" was opposed to an increase in targets

The increase in rates was announced last year with the confirmation of which is & # 39; Start this year that the departments and towns will have full independence to explain their transport policies, in line with the boundaries of the route.

The bus lines with urban routes are controlled by their own towns and if the distance passes over ownership and goes to the regional area.

In order to achieve this objective and interchange assistance, the national government will fund $ 6,500 million to maintain the entire country's transport system.


Hit the pocket: the new values ​​in services, transport and preparation

The benefits of Red Upload a collection are with those who are in a position; including 55% discount on ticket value and accessing pensioners, homeworkers, beneficiaries of the Common Giving for Children, Piece for pregnancy, progression, Argentina Argentina, Ellas They do, Social Re-allocation, Non-Divisional Pensions – the last four divisions were introduced in 2016 – and Malvinas War campaigners.

Today, 3.8 million people are earnings of the social level, having risen 81% in the last two years and reached 35 totalities in the country.

At present, only 40% of users in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires have paid the total level, when 90% of the trips were paid in 2015.

Out of people traveling through the day, 60% subsidies are given directly through Redundancy and Social Level depreciation deductions.

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