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Increased communication with pets from children can reduce the risk of advertisements

An connection between children and pets It is likely to divide the waters: those who welcome children to go to; Getting connected with animals from a young age, and others prefer to avoid it (for a while). A new research can give scientific arguments to one of the posts.

Investors from the Gothenburg University, Sweden analyzed the relationship between children and artefacts and founding a pattern: Increased communication with pets from children reduces the risk of adhesions, eczema or asthma. So far, there were surveys that suggested this relationship but with an animal. This host was a asks if this would change.

So, they analyzed the information of previous colleague jobs and discovered that there was, indeed, the number of appropriate pets. According to the results published in the scientific magazine PLoS ONE, in their first study they reviewed The number of allergies fell by 43% in boys who spent their first year with a pet at home to 24% in the people who had a " live with three -The couple who lived with five did not improve them.

In the second work, the same benefit was proven: after eight or nine years, those who shared their first childhood with a 48% pet dog were in danger of being able to; get galleries, and the number fell to 21% in those open to two or more.

"A dog or cat that is rarely inside the house or in contact with children may not have a protective effect," said Bill Hesselmar, one of the authors in the article, explaining have not seen this relationship before. In terms of the purpose, the researcher believed that pets have pets that have a microbes; promoting a child protection system and thus avoid the appearance of artillery. In this regard, he clarified that he also sees a defensive effect to be & # 39; Spend time out of age, as well as communication with other children.

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