Increased poverty and change, the dangers that economists can see for a & # 39; leave – 08/12/2018

As in the last three years, by 2018, the Argentine economy came into the process on which it is mystery, a technical term that applies to it The fall in economic activity in two chapters (decay) combined with the hyperinflation process.

Economist Victor Beker, director of the Center of Knowledge of the New Economics (CENE) of the Belgrano University, maintains it as "the worst of the world". in this company because "the annual sales inflation is higher than 45% and the GDP will reach 2.5% less."

Harassment it is a rare cause across the globe, eunologists said. In particular, since the "normal" is the case, when a rural economic contract is inflation, going down too. In Argentina it is the other.

"Increasingly, prices will increase including economic expansion processes, and at seasonal times, prices will fall to a position or fall, but in countries with high inflation , this may still continue to be strong in economic activity, "describing Beker.

"There is an intense inflation that includes inflation to confirm inflation in the future. So present a limited money policyInitially, the numbers are modified by reducing productivity and employment, and there is only inflation; falling much later ".

Beker agrees at least whether the different definition, which the Mid-Central Bank holds today, is a. Consequently the inflation is in seasonal times Because the money is going to keep it; grow.

Economist Gabriel Zelpo, from the councilor of Elypsis, lists why he resides in the economy. "Laigse outside the country with a strong drop on exchange rate ". He says: "The problem is to cause not to increase the expansion of cash policy to resist the economic decline."

From social damage of this economic process, Ramiro Castiñeira, of Econometric, lists "the quality of life and decrease is stable and advanced promoting poverty, which is related to the structure. "According to this inspector," Argentina is largely in bullying since 2011, as there was a slight growth. The revival does not last more than a year and is only a allowing the loss of the lost ones. "In addition, in the past eight years, the world has grown much larger." We still have the same quantity of food and services for the distribution of the same people "

About the BBC when the economy could come out of mystery, Zelpo says the expectation is gradual revival in activity for next year, as well as some inflation reduction. What's going to be noted about this year but not much in the month to month. "If its estimates are achieved, inflation will include 2% per month by the end of 2019.

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