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Is a star going out? Apple makes less iPhones

The unprecedented rate of depression showed that demand for iPhones was weakened in China, the largest mobile market in the world, which has also been slow in the economy due to its trade between the Asian and US countries.

Many analysts and users say the new iPhones are very hard.

Apple asked his suppliers in late last month to give less consents than expected XS, XS Max and XR modules, Nikkei, announcing sources with knowledge of the situation.

The application was submitted before Apple stated that it was disqualified, Nikkei said. The worst selling outlook that Apple led to a weak Chinese demand caused strong strength in global stock markets.

A market analysis company, Canalys, has estimated that sellers have a " last 12 per cent fall in China last year and expect a further 3% to fall in 2019, and # 39; grow less than 400 million for the first time since 2014.

The expected amount of new and old iPhones may be reduced to 40 to 43 million units for January-March, compared to a previous repression between 47 and 48 million units, reporting Nikkei , names the location of the location to understand.

Apple did not respond promptly to a request from Reuters.

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