Is it reasonable for Google to enter the media?


Google Pixel 3 has the same camera name as PocoPhone F1

In recent years almost every user did not clear what was in the midfielder category: Handmade of about 200/300 euros, of rare or medium power and with a section of fair images. It's just what we find in points such as the Xiaomi Mi A2, Samsung Galaxy A6, Huawei P20 Lite and derivatives, middle range at best.

When you reach this option of other options such as the Samsung Galaxy A9, Nokia 7 Plus no BQ Aquaris X2 Pro, the price of this average range, reaching some of the issues to be more comfortable than 500 euros. Beyond the land in which the OnePlus and Xiaomi king are towns Always with customers who are willing to spend a little more money on a traditional media signature.

Google is for those users, with Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL. It is about it The first time Google brings in this area, in a mid-market market managed by Xiaomi. The subject is worth a bit of words, so I have contacted some of my colleagues in the world tech, to give ideas and insight into the new "G" media field.

What time and how does the Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL Lite come from?

They compare Google Pixel 3 Lite XL and Pixel 3 Lite

Depending on the truth, Google Pixel 3 Lite and Google Pixel 3 Lite XL come to the month of January 2019. With the mid-tier 2017 enhanced range, and new ideas from the makers in the ovenGoogle would like to start this year with these two devices. In terms of the technical assignations of these two boundaries, we found several points for debate.

Google Pixel 3 Lite and Google Pixel 3 Lite XL: specifications and features

Google Pixel 3 Lite Google Pixe 3 Lite XL
They are better 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2 mm 160 x 76.1 x 8.2 mm
Screen 5.5 inches IPS with FHD + adjustments 6 inches IPS? with the purpose of FHD +
More important Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 no Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 no Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
Operating system Android 9.0 Foot is made up of Google Android 9.0 Foot is made up of Google
Storage 32 and 64 GB that can not be expanded with microSD cards 32 and 64 GB that can not be expanded with microSD cards
Cameras Main front 12-megapixel, 8-megapixel face Main front 12-megapixel, 8-megapixel face
Battery 2915mAh + 3000mAh

Google Pixel 3 Lite and Google Pixel 3 Lite XL would be chiaroscuro It is felt that the core campaigns are a n; starting from 32 GB. However, think Google has the goal to bring your Pixel at its & # 39; The minimum price and the non-endorsement strategy for Google Photos can be made, your plan can make sense – although not yet correct.

Pebbles are always critical to & # 39; "hard" hard, and they will not be smaller in the media generator. However, in this area, the camera, updates and user experience have the three most important points, and Google Pixel 3 Lite has all the ballots in these sides.

On the other hand, we identify that the camera sensors are similar to their oldest brothers, and so we would find very similar pictures – not identical, due to constraints to & # 39; process. This is the most important and the difference between Pixel 3 Lite, since then come to offer the best picture experience in the & # 39; this price.

Something good: Pixel 3 Lite is needed for a good picture in the media

I just the cameras of the traditional handheld phones between 200 and 600 euros are not good. It may be enough for most users, that you think For 600 euros I bought my mobile phone and DSLR, but there is a space gap in the media field that has not been completed by a person. In addition to the development of specifications, awareness and camera models, It is not easy to understand that a mobile of 400, 500 or 600 euros is making worse about pictures than a high range for several years, show where you look.

Google is the only company capable of finishing a taste of its mouth to match the cameras in the # 39; midfielder. Having access to special prices is not enough to "do it right" or with the "enough" pictures.. Mid-distance transit should not be related to the not too small requirement when you are diagnosed with your camera. In 2019 there is a time for a midfield to jump, and at least at high levels in recent years.

In contrast, the updates are one of the key weaknesses in the media, and getting a Pixel 3 Lite upgrade at the speed of the logo is definitely a higher value. In Android we've been getting enough enough If we want to upgrade quickly we need to pay for a higher level -In some cases, even these are not quickly updated. Pixel Lite gave two-year system updates to three-dimensional media security.

Something really bad: they will not get as fast as their Pixel 3, and I do not; discuss the process

Google could be planning to remove Android voice shift

Amongst the things that someone does not have when smartphone purchases are, the technology is at a & # 39; inside memory. Nowadays, the center will use eMMC memory models, very slowly compared to UFS memory models. There are even borders with editors that are consistent with UFS such as the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Snapdragon 710 which incorporate these memories. This technology was awarded to Android in 2015 with the Samsung Galaxy S6, so It's about time the upper range is doing.

memory test

This will not happen with Google Pixel 3 Lite since then the 32 GB makes it clear that it's not souvenirs; in Google, except surprisingly. This is the main reason why Google Pixel 3 Lite is slower than the older brothers. However, if we do not make a regular shift of hard files or a & # 39; install large fractions of apps, the differences between the memories can be valuable for the average user.

Andro4all and some of my colleagues

Here's the Google Pixel 3 camera

My future thinking of Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL is clear: It is the reception of any terminal that will add value to the market. Google will return a formula, a promise to its & # 39; camera and software over a hard drive. Strategy do not insert roof sold, but let users who want to get the best on Android Pie and camera at the highest. The ability to get to & # 39; This program is at a reduced price that deals with one of the remaining vacancies in the & # 39; center. Again, Google Pixel 3 is not the best in the department, but it will The best option for net software audiences, updates and cameras. A dangerous bet that can work.

Christian Collado

Chris Collado, one of my friends at Andro4all, and lover on clean ROMs, it seems to share some of the points I have previously mentioned.

Personally, I think it's a good idea; because of the progress they are going to do for a current mid-range. After that, in that department of 400-500 euros there are mobile phones of all kinds (very powerful, well-designed, with large batteries … And almost all Xiaomi), but so far Can that price offer the Pixel Camera experience, and I think that these Pixel Lite are in the # 39; fill in that gap, the latter may be left in that section.

Again in the tone of a camera and user knowledge. There is a gap in the middle field for a camera cover called them, and we think these two destinations would be; Need to have a need to be on & # 39; market for years.

So, I understand that they have the same ideas as Pixel 3, and the only advances in Google about computer pictures, I do Thinking it's good that the ultimate option of the camera is the best to do not; costs +1,000 euros – and that's not going to the "Pixel knowledge", which also includes; putting points in. Indeed, I also think that if there is a normal Pixel available, the second thing is worse and I do not know it. think it's hard to see in markets like Spain or the USA.

Érika García

Érika García, the editor of CNET, tells us what many people think about: that camera can be won to market, although it's very hard to submit to & # 39; This concept is in the OnePlus and Xiaomi landscape, and its expected price is not & # 39; falling below 400 or 500 euros.

I believe a lot, for € 500, which I am. Think about what it costs, I do not know if they are going to do it in the market. To start on what they should do is more marketing because their very well known PRODUCTTZO, without reporting Orange equality as an operator. So, starting from the base is that there is usually a cucumber and a & # 39; cost, it is not clear to me with the highly brutal average range that has Oneplus or Xiaomi. You can win your market with a & # 39; camera, and I hope so.

Iván Linares

Iván Linares, Director of El Androide Libre, It's likely to be successful in Google's suggestion, although he says that hardware can be a limitation in a situation where Xiaomi, Honor and Huawei can offer very little.

I see it as a clear decision since I believe that every producer needs to offer an appropriate offer at the different prices without going to the price; miss the thing that sets it out. Apple's strategy, which only spreads high areas, does not work for the previous Apple, and know how long; So, it is positive that Google is adding Pixel a little cheaper. The problem is that a difficult competition can be done; price in Android because Google can not compete for hardship (Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor have no competitors). However, since Google has given a specific connection to the system, I believe that 400-euro pixels can be valuable even in comparison to Xiaomi Mi. 8. Features such as excellent camera, image working, system cleaning, immediate updates … as part of a value song that is no other manufacturer.

Antonio Sabán

Antonio Sabán editor in Engadget and Gentata, also tells us his opinion on these two Pixel 3, with a commitment to reaching camera activities in the & # 39; midfielder, but to add something more and more before high price they could come.

If I do not know more information, I do not really understand the Google strategy with Pixel 3 Lite. If the price of € 500 is at the end of the market, Apple would look like Apple's iPhone XR strategy. Differently the Pixels are not popular with great spectators among the spectators, and no one has a great deal. expect them to stop cheaper.

In itself, it seems to be a good idea in Pixel 3 free, and a way to change the middle range forever, brings the HDR + and the processes and benefits to Night Sight to a neglected section by Xiaomi for years. Make it so tall, when there are very good boundaries already with "appropriate" camera and Android purh, like the Mi A2, it will not see a commercial gap.

No matter who paid € 500 a & # 39; It is expected that there will be a huge increase in good quality, not just on camera. If I came up to Snapdragon below 710, for example, Fortnite would not run, and I do not; think it is permissible. The economic Pixel would make sense for the Nexus 4 entry price but its # 39; play a trick instead of a & # 39; power: all areas of media, but high or almost high. However, there is no market.

Nicolás Rivera

Nicolás Rivera, the editor in Hypertext, has also spent a few minutes to comment on how the Pixel 3 Lite and Google Pixel 3 XL Lite came to the mid-range situation. It tells us that the software is not always enough to give merchandise to prove, but which encompasses the Pixel in the middle-level in enriching its & # 39; market, which includes the benefits of these devices outside the high field.

By placing several pics in a & # 39; I mean, a very clear goal: the benefits of Pixel are spread beyond the upper stages. That is said: the people who cost 900/1000 knowledge of mobile phones, and # 39; go, largely, to Samsung or Apple. They are not even a & # 39; consider Pixel. And nothing has been done by being better or worse – no other debate – but with knowledge of brand and confidence. Accessing the middle range – if they do it well – there is a way to expand its & # 39; brand, the benefits, etc.

In addition, it is difficult to go through special markets (including, for example) with premium items. Mid-range pockets can help in that regard. In the United States, they do not have a strong competition, so they can do good with midfielder Pixel. In Europe and Asia, however, they have Xiaomi in front of everyone who is very aggressive. Google's software is really true to strengthen your products (camera, performance, devolution, etc.), but we have seen that this is not always enough. It will be interesting to see the way they work; taking for Xiaomi and its & # 39; company – who accept that they want to do, indeed.

Hazardous Hazards

behind the xiaomi my 8 lite

We saw that, in general, the ideas are back around her & # 39; camera. Including the benefits of a limit of 1,000 berries in the fair range is fair, although there are risks that may exist. This database will not be easy to insert into the hole in which you want to live, in a land with Xiaomi, and to be a mobile sectoral section of Google that is not really popular with users.

It's a good position when it comes to getting Google Pixel 3 Lite from some members of the technology community. However, there are many obstacles to face, including the competition that we are going to do; found in these areas.

OnePlus 6T is a danger to the Pixel 3 Lite

On the other hand, those who think, for more than 400 times expected for those Pixel, he is very keen to think of other options such as the OnePlus or the Xiaomi, in that case, in person, I would give the words of Iván Linares. Google Pixel 3 Lite can be a better option than the top on the "free", if the camera and software are a priority. We may not have the Snapdragon 845, but the performance of those Pixels – in terms of everyday use, away from the measurement – can not be too far away, and the camera should be very good better. Sorry. Google comes at a difficult time, but it's a bad time. Creating an interesting situation, and coming to fill a gap that was not there. Receiving a Pixel camera at a cost, to & # 39; Most of the features of his elder brothers.

The middle and middle level of the camera needs to be improved, and finally we will have the choice for the most difficult. The debate discusses that this will be enough for the Pixel 3 Lite to be an interesting choice for the ultimate user, although it is important for the camera, usually things like complete design or power when they are going to phone buyers. We need to wait for January to see how Google's suggestion belongs, but of course we have one of the biggest changes in this area, a situation that has never been seen before.

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