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It is recorded to find lovers and it is viral

In the recording author, she says that she herself is a female man, saying that she is "mostly talking to drugs" and she is white, though not is not in the summer

A man recorded in Malaga (Spain) as Rober Martín Rodríguez, 42, recorded a video to find and upload a partner to the Web, where he became viral, as a result of the need for hair to be Demonstrating this Sunday registration shared Friday with a Twitter user.

"I'm choosing a 12 year old woman or a 12 year old," Martín explained in her; recording, highlighting "he has no connection to drugs" although he says he does not like them as they do; weakening and trying to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

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Likewise, the heroist, which is defined as a male, emphasizes that Yesof the white race, "but in summer", when you go. In addition, it also affirms that it is a sports entertainment as well as "information, culture, philosophy and education".

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In the strange speech, recording when it is & # 39; walking down the street, the person does not stop his / her; term "to look at the magic of my hair" is shown, long & I look at a camera and a & # 39; stroke her hair, which he describes as "jet black". This campaign is the only thing that has triggered the laughter of Internet users, who have been sharing their mail; Registration is great and even done in other videos.

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