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It was almost $ 200,000 in food and wanted to go to New York: they would not let it go on the plane – 04/03/2019

The family was doing holiday to New York. They arrived at the airport, they sent the documents at his & # 39; the risk of their airport chess, and they went to a migration area and, when they were, boarding the plane, they found astonishment: the father can not travel. The reason? The hard debt for his food with his & her; His first daughter, a previous marriage of a woman.

The case was involved in Cordovan, whose identity did not show. Yes, she knew the bureaucratic journey she had to do to keep up her duties and, finally, to go with her wife and her children in the United States, six days later.

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"Sir, you can not leave the country," said the police officer told his security to airports (PSA). For years, the man did not pay food to keep up his oldest daughter: to August, he had a debt of 195,000 pesos, according to La Voz del Interior. Then, the lawyer of the old lady of the man, Diana Mezzano, asked for the Family Justice to be included in the register of food debtors and that he would not take away the country, measure held in December. But because the trades that Migrations are keeping are going to avoid its & # 39; crossing the boundaries and that the PSA for air travel is not provided to the person involved, the noncompiler does not happen only when it is & # 39; boarding the planein detail Cordoba newspaper.

While his wife and his other two daughters were travel, wait the person to try to settle the debt. A summary after the woman and the girls went on the plane, she named the lawyer's ex. The lawyer told her that she had to suspend fifty-one half of unpaid taxes and show she was in a position; Achieving its financial obligations from now on.

Predicted for travel, the person paid for the 195,000 pesos in the bank, but only 30,000 took it through the window. From that day he could not make the electronic move, he had to wait for the system to enable it. He wanted to bring the leaflets to the court, but a member of staff error removal of the motion. The person appeared in the Courts, and from the Family Court asked them to be willing to pay in the future. He ended up paying his entire debt and his / her debt; paid 12 months in advance, and put his lawyer responsible.

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But another backup with the move Legal delays to leave their country: he wanted to bring all the money to the court, but they did not accept it either. Only Wednesday, when the judge certified the change certificate, allowed him to travel, six days later from his family, and after paying 326,000 pesos.

According to the lawyer, Mezzano explained to La Voz, the person does not have any property in his name's white or property, except for a BMW car that has been able to save it for a year ago , but can not be positioned.

Recently, Justice begins to & # 39; Introduce "creative" methods to get parents to achieve their dietary responsibilities. Also in Córdoba, a judge impeded a man to go to cuartet dances and football games at the Talleres club. And in the continent of Buenos Aires, there was another court control against a man who could pay 800,000 pesos of food into the San Isidro Club.

Consulted Clarin, lawyer Marisa Herrera, a specialist in Family Law, believes that "these measures, as we will see in the different bills that are distributed, are effective ".

Describe additional examples. In Mendoza, the lawyer's case gave speeches by a youth crime center as a result of community work. In Rawson, a judge ordered that the father would be disbursed paying for food, stopped stopping the frequency of radio that had the lock or disappeared. . In Cipolletti, they ordered them to be deprivation of freedom at the end of the week.

"Some of the steps they are embedded in the frame are based on the 553 article that is broad and flexible, because it needs to take into account the uses, recreation, difficulties or limitations of the problem. could have an impact and to fulfill compliance with the food obligation according to the truth of everyone, "said Herrera.

For this lawyer, some "are somewhat more controversial than others, such as closing their lockget, which is, in particular, the well of the work and their If the money was to come to an aggression or a deprivation of freedom ". Consideration of these other measures, such as those decided in Córdoba, They are more "reasonable", as marked by the status in question.


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