Juana Viale banned her to try to make an attack on her grandmother and Daniel Tinayre

Juana Viale She is renowned for her character, when her actress has a & # 39; liking something, she is not afraid to say. And it was just proofing it. Yesterday, a young Twitter user posted an extremely aggressive and unhappy post Twitter Mirtha Legrand, about the death of his son, Daniel Andrs Tinayre. His grandson could not have a & # 39; Seeing the tweet is corrupt, so he went to the cross.

The tweets netizen: The Mirtha Legrand was gay's son, he put out and killed him when he was buried and at the time he died. And she went out to say she loved her son. What? Is that love? You've been abolished and hiding for years just because it was gay. I can not encourage such a person. It's sucks.

Apply, Juana Viale, grandson of Ros Martnez Suarez, name, Mirtha Legrand. My question is to save m & # 39; mind, the following, from where do you get these estates? What are you talking about? Do you repeat something to tell someone? What did you hear ?, ask me Vialevery wild.

Then, it was worse, he wrote: "I'm sorry to be aware that things are as genuine as you are, I'm sorry to understand that it is & # 39 ; to prove to be uncomfortable, to be abolished, in this mother's case, which is the basis of the name of sensitivity and humanity, of course, which is feeling better emotionally).

That gives birth to life I did not know. I'm sorry for your little humanity. I support my hand in a & # 39; your heart, and I pray you have a great love for you. And so you can ask for a pardon because you have a genuine sense, you do not know clearly, even saying, give you an idea Juanita hard, already contaminated by the attack ideas.

It should be noted that he sent the tweet out of the scanner, and finished deleting it when it was deleted the interpreter. But immediately all other users were connected and connected; gives unfortunately information. Daniel Tinayre dies because of her; he did not have AIDS because he threw it into the street, with him when he was given the medications to tell you about that, the eyes do not speak to talk . #Twitter's fear and illness is paid by closing her & # 39; count, he wrote another a beautiful actress, which immediately illuminates: I did not die of HIV. I died with another disease.

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