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Key stories: Jack the Ripper, an engineering coral, and the first wife of Nobel maths | Science


With Alex Fox

Does a new genetic study last show the identity of Jack the Ripper?

Forensic scientists say that they have finally recognized that Jack the Ripper, the famous crogan who frightened the streets of London over 100 years ago. There are genealogical tests published this week by Aaron Kosminski, a Polish policeman who served 23 and a major suspicion of police when the massacre was injured in 1888. But commentators say the evidence is not strong enough to close the case.

Researchers accept a radical view: coral engineering to tackle climate change

As the world's coral reefs are struggling to face rising temperatures, scientists in Australia are working to give genetic help to their corals. Strategies considered to be radical and aggressive 5 years ago are now the focus of ambitious research campaigns, such as the National Seabirds in Township, Australia. T is a $ 25 million facility surrounded by eusyptus mountains on the Coral coast. The aim is to find ways to break down coral to help them lure – lure which can be caused by underwater waves. However the role is not without questions whether it is technically possible, and whether it could affect the seriousness of a wild ecosystem.

Founder of a geometric analysis respected by the Abel Prize

Karen Uhlenbeck won the Abel 2019 Prize, a good Nobel level honor, naming the Academy of Science and the Norwegian Letters of 19 March. Uhlenbeck was in place in a range of geometric analyzes, which combine technical analysis – an expanding and well-formed calculus – with the most basic areas of geometry and astronomy. She will receive a prize of 6 million Norwegian kroners (about $ 700,000) and is the first woman to win the award since it was first presented in 2003.

People – like other animals – can feel the Earth's magnetic field

An investigation published today provides some of the best evidence, but human beings like many other creatures have been able to see the magnificent Earth range. But he does not set other questions that have changed this controversial concept for decades: If we have sub-sensory awareness that influences our behavior? And does it rise from an iron mine found in our brain, as do the authors believe?

MRI is a good chance that mammals that engage in the mapping of multiple sclerosis, and other diseases t

MRI scanners can design people's maps in detail, but they say little about writing. Now, sensors are pushing MRI to a new world of consciousness for trace-specific biofuels found in bone material, a possibility that could be recognized by Alzheimer's and other diseases. The progress does not come from improved scanners, but from better procedures to resolve a difficult mathematical problem and to get hidden information in MRI information.

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