Letts in dollars new petition: they will be about 1,100 million and the Government Going to offer 4.75% interest interest

What is the ultimate date in 2018, the Government will offer low low level for a $ 1,100 million renewal in Treasury Bills. An 4.75% That will pay the bills offered the next week as one of the lowest ones since they started; offer instruments of the Ministry of Finance.

The offers are from came to an end close to the elections, in June 2019. In the Government's financial plan, the opinion of each Letes quality is to be completed by almost 60% or more and distribute the duties to avoid a portion of payments in one minute.

In that way, January and January are important, because each one of them is important; Provides total insurance for Letes for amounts of almost 2,000 million dollars.

Letes grants are awarded by two sections: one competitive and one non-competitive. In the first one, candidates can identify an interesting level in which they want to enter the offer. In the second, the applicants can only pay the amount they are writing to; reflecting, and accepting the level of competitive candidates who are experiencing; established at that time.

The subscription to the tender, open between Tuesday and next Wednesday, can be made in pesos. The exchange rate for buying is the sale, which is consistently lower than a dealer. This exchange gap, apart from its space levels of interest that came to 7% per year at one time, the main factors that drew on the strong demand of the debt center created by the Ministry of Finance.

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