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Links: Campuzano is affirming – 01/10/2019

The Alfaro was expected to confirm its press release two hours later on the Atlético Nacional de Medellín website: Jorman Campuzano comes to Boca. The Colombian club officially ran his position with a report telling the football player He put forward his four-million clause that was a Finding out the contract after informing the leadership that his desire to accept Boca's recommendation is to be taken.

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"As a result of the previous ones, the player has been erased from the group of passengers who are late today (Thursday) going to the city of Bogota to continue to & # 39; taking forward the preseason ", the club said in the report.

The statement by Atlético Nacional de Medellín officially left Campuzano.

Colombia, 22, created by Deportivo Pareira in his country, this booklet comes to Boca before this Nahitan Nández, which has an important offer from Chagliari na Eadailt.

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