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Named a few months ago, the Life NEX Originally introduced as the first commitment of a Chinese company for the phones without frames that will go on; Draw on mechanical objects with the aim of destroying the face face sensors from the surface; phone. At that time, the destination marked before and after that in a catalog of Vivo, until the discovery of X of OPPO's sister company appeared to give everything.

Now, Live will return to & # 39; Fee with a new installment of his NEX series. It's just published in China, and the new NEX Life is even more innovative than the pre-existing model, where two screens have a new screen. appear on the scene, one behind and one face, and other innovations such as the assumption of what the company itself wants "moon ring".

Life NEX: prices, features and all the information

NEX life, back and face

The one who came from June last year has been a reference line on Live catalog, updated today, and doing it in a great way. We see great changes at an artistic level, where we are there is no different opposition from what we saw in the first Nex, that does not happen in the back of the page. phone, where a secondary screen appears on the scene, This has allowed the company to abandon the face design tool because users will have access to their / phone this second panel to use as mirror for their self-portraits.

The face is taken 6.4-inch large screen with a resolution of 2,430 x 1,080 pixels, as long as the panel is on and # 39; Back is reduced to 5.5 inches, with normal 1080p adjustments, in both OLED cases. We will continue to & # 39; behind, because that is there the "moon ring" or "Lunar Ring", as well as to decorate behind her; phone, its successful resource is successful when it comes to notice, and can even be used as a soft light to clarify the nightclubs.

The back screen, as well as showing interesting information when the phone is & # 39; go down, use as a secondary school control when playing games.

Life NEX, communication control

Under the umbrella of our phone, we found, as was the case, a technical section that deserves the best models in 2018. Qualcomm Snapdragon does not have a call of 845, along with a memory of up to 10GB of RAM as well as the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition also released today. We do not lose more storage, since the basic format starts with 128GB of memory. Where the phone suffers a significant reduction in its & # 39; Previous model in battery capacity, which will happen from 4,000 to 3,500 mAh.

Finally, at the level of the image, a back system is made up of three sensors. The first one is 12 megapixels, together with one secondary school of 2 megapixels. The third TOF 3D senser is also included, which is the responsibility of the multimedia system based on a face-to-face solution. However, this system, however, will only open the opening.

Dual life Dual heritage NEX exhibition, data page

Element Assignations
They are better 157.18 × 75.36 × 8.09mm
Screen Face 6.4-inch OLED. 5.5 inches rear OLED
Purpose Front Full HD + (2,430 x 1,080 piogsail). Full HD Background
More important Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Operating system Android 8.1 fo FunTouch 4.5
Storage 128 GB
Cameras 12-bit MP camera with night vision OIS + 2 MP + camera 3D stereo camera TOF
Battery 3,500 mAh with fast tax
Others Ready of soft underfoot, Lunar Ring, USB Type C, 3D word recognition

At this time, Vivo has not verified whether the new NEX Dual Display version goes across China's boundaries, and if it does, what is it? price. At the same time, we know that the phone will continue in a source country; message on 29 December priced 725 dollars around
639 euros.

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