Macri's legacy is his foreign policy and political co-operation. supporting re-election headquarters

Mauricio Macri's political work is an unprecedented historical fact that the current economic crisis is absent and does not; behavior. From 1916, there were radicals, weapons, Peronists, conservation co-unions, weak governments supported by Puerta de Hierro, honest clans who were disturbed by the media and unions, bloody, pragmatic and secretary dealers, unions, effective and Marriage that was a dream of eternal power. Macri continued on this campus and set out an inevitable partnership that justifies Justiciaism away and will win the victory in the leadership elections in 2019. If this happens, there will be no more parties in Argentina and there is no other individual to review the ideas and customs, if they intend to control Balcarce 50.

Turn to the center and agree with the IMF

Macri reads some classical authors, there is no militant training and her political ideas are close to the capital story written by Ayn Rand in the "Atlas Out." However, The President presented his personal vulnerability, and # 39; funeral his personal ideas and ran to the center of ideological setting when he ordained real state-of-the-art support for social movements that are suited to millions of poor people who & 39; experiencing economic change.

Macri is a paradox in this decision in power. The leaders of social movements will attack the & # 39; President, they are involved with Francisco in Santa Marta and they are dream that Cristina Fernández is returning to Casa Rosada. CFK, as opposed to Cambiemos, did not do anything to stop political support and contributed to an insecure spread of millions of dollars that should benefit the most critical stages in Argentina (will be judged Hebe de Bonafini with the most powerful operandi without leaving home and without dreaming to the thousands of voters of his / her religion).

Macri recognizes that the games that are given to social movements are n u0026 #; Given nothing, in electoral terms, but has understood the importance of the State in a social situation, and it has been long since not giving political estimates with money for social movements. This view of the government is used by Peronist words that seeks a president's candidate for his & her; case in 2019.

To do everything, Macri's awareness was insufficient to complete the historical knowledge of the change plans made by the International Monetary Fund in Latin America. The IMF was promoting economic steps that had been in place; lock the area and its soft loans constantly resulting in a fall in wages, pensions, public deposits and items that were protected for the most deprived areas. Macri and his differences: he will allocate millions to social movements – who can not vote for it – and his / her; adopting IMF modalities that disruptly disagree with the # 39; middle class, his electorate over Daniel Scioli in 2015 Support him again in 2019.

The President was relied on a number of US trained officers with experience in the complex financial world of Wall Street. That unrestricted political motivation prevented his peaceful position to resign the president's election. Macri believed to be his homage to the Bank; Middle East and the Treasury Court, and when his curse showed that his Government was in decline, he was responsible for his Calabrian mind, Many external investment was invested and closed with IMF a plan of change made by its society.

The President does not yet accept traditional politics – "thread" rules, in simple simplifications – and a financial program has been hit by napalm for his / her; A middle class that has helped to bring government dreams into its public image. Macri has a competition with CFK or other variations of Astrology, and its 2017 advantage does not know that the economic situation is not yet clear.

The Court, notebooks and corruption

Macri is an engineer and has little knowledge in the courts. This is the first time in democracy, from Raúl Alfonsín to date, that the High Court is a changing change that does not change. Responding to the exact effects of Casa Rosada. The court judges listen to the Chambiemos advocates, but they do not indicate the Balcarce 50 institutional agenda. accepting the strongness of the political relationship between the Court and the Presidency, Building new rules about the game in traditional politics was considered as a killing calabrian. The President is of the opinion of an effective court court independence, even if this impedes an objection to the reduction of public costs negotiated by Christian Lagarde.

The reason "Cuadernos K" looks at Macri's relationship with important businessmen he met when Franco's father was a national economy marker. The President heard lamentation, birth judgment and attitudes near political tension. He addressed direct friends, friends of blood and representatives from the "home contractor". But he did not move a branch, he did not make one call: he let off Judge Claudio Bonadio and the prosecutions Carlos Stornelli and Carlos Rivolo, which went on to unprecedented levels in Comodoro Pyramid history.

Macri's concern is about the economic impact of Cuadernos's case and has no doubt about political movements with his long-lived friends. When it was clear that Paolo Rocca would be arrested, the President traveled to Vaca Muerta and was Head of the Techint group. That move describes Macri: he knew the evidence about Rocca and it was not. For President, friendship has a greater value than a reason that was examined in Buenos Aires courts.

The fight against corruption in Argentina has the value of internationally recognized value. The situation of Cristina's approach and its majority of governmental members appears in every conversation Macri wants every time she is causing in the United States and Europe. The President will comment on what he is familiar and then to; make sure CFK does not return to Casa Rosada. Macri's speakers do not understand how Cristina will win the 2019 seat election benefits, despite the open causes she rises in the Comodoro Py courts. Ron said that, Macri is bringing her political outlook and her. shaking. He is tired of doing the same thing every time he goes to Europe and the United States.

Macri thought that the early graduate economy of his / her fourth year would have already reduced the inflation to one digital and that poverty levels could offer a smaller picture than he obtained from Cristina's rule. But this dream fell because of its own mistakes and causes linked to economic independence. However, the President did not successfully organize the G20 Summit, but also confirmed that the global world order was held as a regional signal. And that geo-economic support, then, allowed Cambiem administration to close two consecutive agreements with the International Monetary Fund.

Despite historical differences or power projects connected to the global agenda, Mac Triogair, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron are in the " supporting Macri, among other world leaders. There is no history in the history of today's Argentine democracy that the president has such international support. Europe, Raul Alemonsin, Raul Alfonsin and the United States and Kirchner couple joined Venezuela and Cuba. Countries in the five continents are supported by Macri and if the economic plan has been taken forward, its foreign policy is likely to be a legacy; his first term.

The President can not offer positive economic-related figures, or show that he has fulfilled his commitments linked to poverty and incapacity. However, Macri is in a position to prove that there was no pollution in public jobs and that the freedom of the media is at the best. But these are the values ​​that belong to the democratic system itself, but in times of Nestor and Cristina it was sent in messages. Lázaro Báez and 678 are examples of unresolved time.

In this context, and to Despite the different ideas presented by Susana Malcorra and Jorge Faurie, foreign policy is appear in the basic results in the first three years of the term to & # 39; the president. Macri joined Argentina with the world and met the Summit G20 historic event. It is not enough for a president who drinks when traveling to the United Nations General Assembly, a compulsory decision of world diplomacy.

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