Marcelo Longobardi: "Cristina Kirchner had a downturn on me, it was really helpful" – 06/12/2018

The journalist Marcelo Longobardi He said "congestion to the old President Cristina Kirchner," said he had suffered a spy and that he was at Kirchnerism when he got "more pressure".

"For miles, it was the time I got most of the weight, and I had a bad day in the time of Menem, it's not in comparison with Kirchnerism, I have never had a & # 39; thinking about deleting everything, it's creating a lot of stress. I realized how much they had when they left, and So I left them, they were very early, we got to work on the radio with fencing, with the street reinforced because there was a concern about radio violence ", said Longobardi in We are already big (TN).

She said: "At one time, Ms. Kirchner stopped arresting Todo News and started making it wrong with Radio Miter, with me and Jorge Lanata, he was accused of being with me, My critical place with the Kirchners. the same day. "

And he maintained that he was spirited on him: "We went through Daniel Hadad in very tough situationss. I am, for example, when I was going to give a speech to Kirchner's time to audiences in Puerto Madero – when most of the media were arrested by the Kirchners – and the next day Kirchner sent a re-registration of my complaints in Daniel Hadad's folder. I saw that. So we started. We talk about 2003, 2004, 2005 ".

Longobardi, the careful order

In another section of the report, more color, Longobardi spoke of his story, family and even a request from his daughters for a dog to be in the house. Why did the journalist have declined? In fact, he describes himself as a sharp order. So, things from the program show a straight line of pictures from his home: the nice, nice desk with every single pencil; The prescribed shoes by name, the shirts are prescribed with color. And he heard, lived, another request from his daughters and cleared it correctly: he would be a Boca ex-spokesman.

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