Marcelo Tinelli killed in cattle when Laurita Fernández asked – 11/22/2018

December 21 begins Sugar at the Neptune theater in Mar del Plata and, apparently, Laurita Fernández (27) it would not be the last week 2018 Dance.

That is, as he went, his actress must start with the essays and advances of music on 17 December. So far He asked to leave the competition before the end.

This situation would have a dispute Marcelo Tinelli (58) for the offense of the jury's commitment and so he announced this Wednesday Marina Calabró (45) in Mariana's Diary (El Trece, at 14.30), where he named the "word" the driver was released before the "inner circle".

Before Marcelo Polino Laurita's announcement for the production ShowMatch (Thirteen, at 22.15). "He asked to complete his / her work on December 14. It has been signed all year round, to last program. Contract contracted", he explained the jury and the driver Exhibition experts (El Trece, at 16.15) of the program.

And, after that, Calabró gave details of Tinelli's response when he learned about the intentions of his pineapple. "As soon as he gets out, he said to the inner circle & # 39;that he delayed his first appearance, when he sent as a judge that did not have sugar in Mar del Plata. This contract is more valuable than the other (for being previously signed). With what we have worked incredibly did not even have the bill, do it for us?& # 39; ", replied the journalist.

Laurita Fernández ann

Laurita Fernández in "Sugar", a work she met with her partner, Nicolás Cabré. (Instagram)

And he finished: "There's a word Chato Prada (producer and right hand of Tinelli) that illustrates Laurita contract: & # 39; We are we have a contract to end the program, on the 20th, and if it does not exist, she should warn us at this time. "

For this reason, Laurita spoke for a guideline Mariana Fabbiani (43). "When they call me for the dance I had warned that her first day was Sugar he was already designed and the one week of the rehearsal we have recorded in December 17, the last of the Dance, "he started to justify himself.

Marcelo Tinelli. (Instagram)

Marcelo Tinelli. (Instagram)

"It is the responsibility, my previous commitment. The fact is that I want to be (in the final), but also I have to surrender to the theater, "Laura added.

"Everything that starts at the beginning of Friday can not be suspended because tickets have already been sold," he added the dancer and the main one from the work of Gustavo Yankelevich (68).

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