Mechanics of the work: Marcelo Bielsa 's great deal for a fantastic goal at Leeds United

Marcelo Bielsa It is one of those coaches that just leaves anything left. The anxiety Crazy It is a trading mark that is registered in their procedures, and in the final training of it Leeds United, the rosarino gave another sample of her person when he saw that the tests were done as they expected.

In one of the last customs, before making your next promise South Westerly to respond to the Football League Championship, of the second division of England, the rosarino celebrated him Patrick Bamford, one of the members on the domain that it is managing.

Following the identification of the attack, Bielsa was running more than 50 meters to accept the author of her & her; fuel and congratulating the mechanics that were prepared in the training. A rare picture is only visible, since the DT does not appear in its euphoria.

An Leeds march third place in competition and & # 39; sustain its ambition to achieve improvement Premier League. Yes 30 points they will continue to & # 39; castle Crazy to the assistant's expectations, Norwich, what's there 33 and their supporters, Middlesbrough, which is a collection 31.

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