Mery del Cerro saw her worrying when she was 11

"At that time I was aware of being able to talk really and tell people. I mean, I'm my mom, I have a three-year-old daughter, and this is happening. I'm lucky to be able to have a television and talk program, being able to say ", it started Exhibition experts.

The driver revealed who the people were doing: "It was not a crime, it was very important to clarify that. It was, it was unlawful, it was treated. Bilingual with two directors of two buildings where I was there; live. Where you are small and you do not know what you are doing. At that time, that manager had a child, I loved her; children, I knew the woman who was responsible and was like to go to; going to play with the little one. In that situation he brought me into the low floor, which was dark, with the little one. With an excuse to go with a & # 39; little boy to go to find something and his / her; support me"

On the effects suffered, he grew deeper: "Something I put off my head. As I do not know what happened after Thelma, I can Speaking to Meme after 9 years, I did not tell him or to another. It is clear that this level of quality is mine. What came to me to tell him. That's why it was two days when my body was really impressive and I was in a position; I felt cold in my hands, I felt it was not right. Yesterday when I did dance I was not good. He happened telling me how to tell me because he was like that. "

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