** Mexico and Chile in the top of the world are invested in wind, sun biomas and others – ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI

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<p><em>Chile and Mexico are ranked in the world's leading global energy directors, which show faster growth of renewable energy in Latin America. </em></p>
<p><strong>Net Energy XXI.</strong>– Brazil, Chile and Mexico are in the top 10 countries that have been able to invest; Most in renewable energy, according to a recent study by the United Nations Environment Agency (UNEP).</p>
<p>Development economies across developed countries expand, for their first time in 2015 in terms of the total. Three "new markets" completed the top 10 tasks – South Africa up to 309% to $ 4.5 billion, as their rup program was completed in funding projects; Mexico increased its use of renewable use with 105% with more than $ 4 billion while & # 39; The Sile was 143% with more than $ 3.4 billion. The report that includes Energy Net XXI is a & # 39; shows that the share of global investment equivalent to developing countries increased by 49% in 2014 to 55% in 2015, with dollar commitment to $ 155.9 million, compared to $ 131.5 million in previous year. The enhanced economies added the investment of £ 130.1 billion, compared to $ 141.6 million in 2014.</p>
<p>Within the developing economy sector, the "three-thirds" of China, India and Brazil saw an increase of 16% to $ 120.2 million, and "other economies that had a & # 39; improve "to enjoy it & # 39; over 30% to $ 36.1 billion. China was the largest investment museum for renewable energy, and including large hydro-electric power plants, to $ 102.9 billion for 2015, up 17%, reporting more than one third of the volume; the whole world. The USA was the second far away, with $ 44.1 billion, 19%.</p>
<p>Japan was the third clear in the levels of the countries that invest, at $ 36.2 million, 2014, and a distance with the United Kingdom with $ 22.2 billion, 25%, and India at $ 10.2 billion, 22%. Germany $ 8.5 billion, 46%, and Brazil $ 7.1 billion, 10%.</p>
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