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Michael Fox will face new health problems due to Parkinson's disease

At 57, the actor in Back to the Future continues to trust in the hope that healing can be made for the disease Source: Archive

Michael J. Fox has been living in Parkinson for 30 years.
The disease has been an apprentice to him, as the actor himself has said several times, but in the current advanced situation, the illnesses begin to start; showing his hardest side.

The person who has traveled in his career in Back to the Future needs to be able to deal with new health problems with many problems that arise from the disease, 39; suffered and made several jobs. surgery on your spine.

The disorder that causes Parkinson's disease, which is currently not remedied, gives symptoms that are infected. going on with the years and including religions, problems of balance and difficulty in the places.

In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, the actor spoke about her everyday life and other issues that disturb him.
The illness was detected as a result of Fox in 1991 but did not make it public until 1998, and continued to play in a large number of films and long-term television programs. the disease was over. He was also one of the most active researchers in search of medicine and has encouraged research from his own base against Parkinson's, who has built $ 800 million for these reasons.

The actor said, "At the moment he is, he said:" There was a problem coming out of my backbone, it was told that it was illegal but the awareness of His legs had decreased and I had more difficulty moving. I started to fall a lot and I reached the level where it was necessary to work, so I did it and I got severe physical medicine, "said Fox.

After this difficult time, the interpreter says that people have just started the show, which he planned to do in August. However, the picture sent to him. "One day woke me, I walked to the kitchen for breakfast and there was a program where I ended up breaking up arms after giving me a great blow," he said.

Despite this, it has not been abandoned by hope and trying to get back, what is happening today. "A new drug has been agreed and it's like a rescue machine when you get scarce," he said. "These remedies can make a huge change in people's lives, now if we can stop Parkinson's symptoms from developing human, he's a cure? " Would he take it? "Yes," he said. .

At 57, Michael Fox also analyzes the United States political truth and acknowledges that it was difficult with the policies put by Donald Trump in his country.

The actor, which is marked by a political campaign that leaves the democratic side, criticizes the similarities of administration to science. "Trump does not think about Parkinson's disease and something that was unhappy for me when he met a New York Times spokesman Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from & # 39 (trying to do work) (Trump did in the 2015 rally in South Carolina). Not just for me but for the people I know and work together, who struggles to get over the influence of others to anyone who moves differently, so ask me myself: I'm saying something about this? But I did & Thinking: "People already know that Trump is a harassment," he said.

At this time Michael Fox is working on a new book (he has already written three memories) to focus on some of the recent queries: "Have my scolded looks? Did which is beyond a joy that is not there? " .

"For me, going to that place is very dark," he said. "I understood that I understood the uncertainty of the disease, but I was worried to be simpler, I made peace but I was thinking Others had the same relationship to this illness, when not so, to deal with the effects of the backbone treatment I said to myself: and this can be much worse & in a situation where I can not walk and I would have 24 hour nurses. "

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