Mirko the Martín Fierro Digital de Oro gave

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10 December, 2018

Marley's son left the most important prize of the APTRA service. With just one year, he is already putting almost two million and fifty followers on Instagram.

Mirko Wiebe, son Marley, consecrated as winner gold prize in delivery Martín Fierro Digital 2018, which was held on Monday at Alsina Palace. For just one year, it was already recorded when it received two types of image: for the region King of the networks and with the gold prize

"I never won a man, so my son hit me. We met Barack Obama and was given the best known child in the world, he called me, he wanted to meet him, he was at Government House by Mauricio Macri, we met Lionel Messi in Spain … Mirko did a lot of things, I can not believe it. We arrived in Greece and there was a face in the newspapers. China stopped us to take pictures. The love of my life is. I hope there are so many people who want to become parents in Argentina "He said Marley after they got the difference.

Mirko is preparing to get his first Christmas in Argentina

On his Instagram account, the driver also posted an image of the minute and wrote a great thank you: "Mirko has already hit me and I won Martín Fierro de Rey de Redes and then is MARTIN FIERRO de ORO. Everything that created @mirko_ok and what happened to him in the networks is amazing. An important thing is that this naturally leads to the new families that can be compiled in those times. Many people who want to be their parents will continue to This love story about his father and son and we hope that this will help all make better and better homosexual laws in the country. Thank everyone for taking them into Much of love! Mirko is already the youngest winner in history! "

The event identified the best results of online media and social networking figures during this year and counted by moving Nicolás Occhiato and Sol Pérez.

In contrast, Mirko There is already an international title: it was marked as "The biggest child who travels the world", a feat will be included in the charts Guinness, since he knew the plane at 45 days of life, when he returned to Argentina on the United States, where he was born. Since then, he met Marley at each stop of the program Around the world. "We were in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, and # 39 ; Belgium ", the driver was connected.

Mirko broke another record!

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