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Mona Jiménez will be scanned for error-mails – 12/29/2018

In recent years, Spanish musician José María "Chema" visited Purón on Argentina and an unlawful friend sent a congratulations to With what I love you, One of the things he did with the Mòd group that was made in 1983 was so successful and the popularity of our country was even played on the football fields.

When he came to his friend, Purón realized that he had never been able to get royalties for creating these definitions and began to investigate until it came to the song For what I love you de Carlos & La Mona & # 39; Jimenez, is equivalent to those who only change the "Con" with the "Por" in the title. The rest was totally the same.

In February last year, a singer of Cordoban was asked to prove after a half and a half years of instruction, and after that it was possible to confirm that the same song was recorded in 1983 with a # 39; Organization of Youths and enrolling it next year. They also concluded in 1986, both La Mona (Juana Delseri) and one of the musicians, Daniel Franco, sing a song called the title For what I love you.

The complainant, Marta Nercellas, justified just that Clarin: "The Chamber opposed" La Mona Jimenez, his partner and Daniel Franco for a delaying crime for the song With what I love you, which is one of the hymns of Cordovan singer and who has been written down ".

In addition, Nercellas thought: "Jimenez did not do so without trying to move". Consultation with Clarin On the announcement to the fourth, he said: "He was already informed that he had been accused, he was supposed to say that it was an economic case, but not an economic issue only one offensive. he did not have a musical skill"

Regarding the following legal process from now on, Nercellas explained: "The final lawyer, not married and must go to trial, may be in March 2019."

"The sentence can take up to six years imprisonment, regardless of the economic damage. Recently, Jimenez has been choosing the copyright of this song only, and not only has he been forced to achieve it, but also that he is responsible for rights when other artists such as Rodrigo said Bueno and Walter Olmos to their stock, "said the lawyer.

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