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Moria Casán spoke to Sabrina Rojas after her separation

The actress, director and director returned to the truth that she can demolish anyone with her karate language.

We know that Moria Casán has the potential to say that he is rarely seen and allowed to stand prominently in a scene of contemplation, where no one wants to question him so that she can not get one her fatal phrases; In fact, he could compile a very funny book with his strong concepts about some of the local figures, including his friend Susana Giménez, Marcelo Tinelli and Mirtha Legrand.

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In this case, the actress, director and director commented on the Angel de Brito program separating Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro and had very good words for his / her. young model, and it was clear that it was a situation be cold and speedy of what's going on to & # 39; come to an end to prove: "Sabrina Rojas wants to get over one and she looks good; I am already with the story. Do not join the stop, because you see the threads; do not use it. "

It is good to remember that the conflict is between act 100 days to fall in love and the image image has come long ago and would have started with a brutal message that appeared in the Institutions of Rojas, with its thirty years. spoiled his spouse: "Finally I'm going to release, I'm going to take the mask, I've long respected you … psychopath, drug and someone's dysfunction must be brutal stop "(sic).

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Later on her actress refused to say this and he sent a bearer to submit to his account: "As regards the producers and journalists who call us I want to say that I have a holiday family and it seems that it is difficult and even fair that we need to invest our time talk about someone's disruption (in fact, I think that's what you are doing. ; find). I did not stop a person, that is why there is nothing to clarify … kisses "(sic).

Spread as it was always, when news heard about the definitive division between Luciano and Sabrina, Angel de Brito made a strong impression on his Twitter account clearly; shows that a computer expert has never included a "actress": "How good was Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas". Will someone get out of Los Angeles driver's response in the morning?


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