Motobowros killed the Buenos Aires politician for the bicycle and stealing his military

The police commissioner of Buenosairean was killed in the back and in a row with attackers who had killed his motorcycle and his military weapon in the town of Billinghurst in Buenos Aires and this Saturday he stayed in hospital after being worked, informed sources of the force.

The attack was made on last Friday 19 in that town of San Martin, where The policeman, decorated in civilian clothing and duty, was circulated on his motorcycle.

Security Force Speakers said Telam When he reaches the corner of the Spanish and Sarandí streets, the commissar who works in the Crime Prevention Directorate against the acceptance of Motor Vehicles of Buenos Aires Police by Two "motorcycle" killed two times in the back and one in the leg to last the motorcycle and steal his military weapon.

A police officer from Buenos Aires was transferred to Bocalandro hospital in the town in the town of Loma Hermosa, where it was discovered that the effects found they did not affect any vital organs but he had to be run because the picture he got to break his legs on his knee.

Police resources said the "board and stable" comitator was in that health center after the area efforts.

They performed their first performances in the 5th place of the police station. of Billinghurst, who collected certificates to try and identify the offenders.

Major Buenos Aires supported the new protocol of Patricia Bullrich

Maestro Vicente López, Jorge Macri said he believes he is "very good for the police to prevent a crime from escaping", describing its & # 39; protocol for the use of a firearm for federal troops, and says: "We need to communicate, but also do, because in the end we are doing what people want us. "

The official added him, in communication with Continental radio, that "The Minister (Security, Patricia Bullrich) orders a protocol that was not clear to the security forces."

"When there is an offense trying to run away and there is a police that can be avoided, I think it's very good", said Jorge Macri. On the other hand, he thought that "still in the department (for Buenos Aires) is to continue to train the".

"In addition, since 2006, a law that also establishes how to do an action, and that you can face the great danger of working in the same way," he said.
For a mariner, the ideas are different about the right protocol, the problem is the adjectives, for example, saying that there is a strong manicure, however. think the debate is strengthened, "he researched, describing the criticism of the candidate Elisa Carrió

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