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Musk expresses new information about the next generation system to be redesigned

SANTA FE, N.M.- Chiefon SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that a retrospective test carriage for a modern and innovative renewable system was to be ready for initial tours early next year.

In a tweet in early December 24, Musk presented a picture of two parts of the original test article, a skeletal section next to a clandestine unit with casualties. "Starship Steel Steel", he wrote.

Starship is the new name, which was announced by Musk last month, of the high level or "spacecraft" of the newly-created new generation system such as the Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR. The "Super Heavy" is now the lowest promotional place.

A company has been working on a Starship test article for small-scale flight exams at the Texas South surgery. company is under development. This test article, named as a "hopper," whose diameter was nine meters as a vehicle full of the car, but it would not be so tall.

The company applied to the Federal Communications Commission on November 19, which sought a probatory consent to support communication with the hopper while & # 39; as he was going on. SpaceX said he designed a variety of high speed trips, not exceeding 500 meters, and higher ones, and going as high as 5,000 meters, from the Texas site. The company did not expose a timetable for the aircraft in the bid but said they were expected to have the license for two years.

Musk and other company officers said that the hopper aircraft would start there by the end of 2019. But, confidence on Dec. 22 he hoped that these trips would start as soon as soon as next year. "I'll perform a full technical presentation of Starship after our test vehicle we're going to build in Texas flies, so we hope March / April," he wroteSouth Westerly

The recent tweets series of Musk have confirmed changes to materials that will be used to build the vehicle. Initial plans, which went back to the designs that were presented in 2016 and 2017, would require the use of carbon-related materials that are light but strong. Earlier this month, however, Musk said SpaceX had moved to "a very heavy metal" for use in the carriage.

That metal, which he said, is a stainless steel, especially a family of couples known as the 300 series known for maintaining its strength at high temperatures. Despite being heavier than the carbon companies, Musk said steel without a machine offering "strength" to "slightly better" weight at crystalline temperature, which was needed for sweat tanks, a delicious oxygen to a vehicle, and was "much better" at high temperatures. He acknowledged that steel was worse than carbon temperature at room temperature.

Steel hard surfaces needed to be used; He said, "thermal protection" was much smaller "but it would not be painted too. "Peel is too hot for paint," tweeted eSouth-west "Endless mirror boundary. Larger totalization."

The test spray is driven by three of the Raptor metal / liquid oxidized engines and its undergraduate company. These designs, which the company has been working for a number of years with financial assistance from US Air Force, have also made design changes. "Raptor's almost redesigned ready for fire the next month," tweeted e, not to edit these changes.

He noted that SpaceX had developed a "superalloy" for a Raptor, known as the SX500, designed to keep hot oxygen-free surrender at a weight of up to 12,000 inches per square inch. "Almost no metal is going to be a climb in those settings," he wrote, saying that the company's founder wants to have a & # 39; making that alloy "largely working." That furnace "allows Raptor to move rapidly."

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