"My mother did not put the button"


There was a 46-year-old woman who suffered women in Laferrere. His father had 17 objections and he fought for six hours.

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The females are going to climb in Laferrere: "My mother did not get the button"

Females in Laferrere. A 46-year-old woman named María del Carmen Iglesias 6 stabs from her father's father. The attack took place 15 days ago and in the last few times he lost his life.

He had given occasions 17 hours. The Justice had circulated a circulation limit and a panel counter but did not work. The police got the injured person at the door of his house.

"Many neighbors who were aware of human actions were able to take care of Carmen of the numbers of such violent violence," explained Estela, a friend of the woman who was in a position. suffering by a woman.

In that regard, she said: "We've been the last messages she has been happy to house cleaning while listening to music with her & # 39; her children. They are the only ones who saw the attack. "

One of the sons saw her coming and started her. throwing stones on him. "A boy knew that he was always going to attack his mother when he came to his mother, but when he saw he could not Helping, he ran three blocks to a friend's house to Carmen "Depth it to deepen.

The victim's friend said: "The man raised six battles and escaped as a conspirator. Before leaving him he sent a letter dangerously and says how sad it was. After the incident , what was one of the pupils again: & my mom did not get my button up. B & # 39; That was possible to say. She made 17 complaints that she had been suffering from the attacks for a long time. "

Alberto Antonio Olguín was arrested near the Tapiales sur station of Belgrano Sur when he tried to escape. The procurator Juan Pablo Tahtagian, who was in charge of the Supervision Unit (UFI) Site Site of the Judicial Department La Matanza.

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