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Name NASA Private Companies to Help it Test Science for the moon

NASA named the names of the companies that could apply for contracts for pool inspection projects as part of the Lunar Payroll Payments Services at today's news conference.

Last year, Trump managed its name to the Space 1 Policy Rule, which allowed NASA to return people to the Skyline before moving people to Mars. As part of this guidance, companies can apply for contracts to develop services to deliver new payment liabilities, through Lunar Commercial Commercial Payroll Services.

In particular, a new NASA Moon strategy will have to be included in a & # 39; Use private companies to make the stuff they put their tests to their moon.

Amongst the companies announced today include Astrobotic Technology, Deep Space Systems, Draper, Firefly Aerospace, Interesting Tools, Lockheed Martin, Masten Space Systems, Moon Express, and Orbit Beyond. The contracts that the companies may apply to include discharge services and pay payout and ticket delivery systems

NASA hopes that others will use these services because spatial travel will become an effort that is accessible to private corporate.

At the end, these initiatives will help that; join NASA to collect data to prepare land into Marsh surface.

The selected companies will compete with "cost and innovation," said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine at his / her. news conference today. The first campaigns could be launched next year, as NASA recently asked for exams for examining its moonlight.

This statement and its news conference show the ongoing move in NASA guidance, guided by the Space 1. Policy Statement. including the encouragement of private investment where possible and shift to the science of a satellite, including the Lunar Lunar Orbital and human return to the Moon; short term.

The contract companies will add equal value value of $ US2.6 ($ 4) billion.


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