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NASA names the USA to Moon

Private companies may be able to access their & # 39; moon as soon as next year, after NASA announced contracts of £ 3.6 billion to get people as fast as possible.

Nine companies compete for the contracts to deliver science and technology experiments to the surface of the moon, with NASA and # 39; allows the companies to work out about the information to get there.

The tests will help improve progress in the pursuit of long-term scientific research and human exploration of Moon and Mars.

While people can travel to a regular location, their organization needs to be better understood on address, site and survival requirements.

The news comes just three days after the NASA InSight spacecraft landed on Mars, just an eighth boat trip[instrumentalizationofmonths480millionkilometersurveysLand[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometerjourneyfromEarth[aircrìochachurairanturasfaisgairseachdmìosan480millean-cileameatairbhonTalamh[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth

NASA wants to test the system at a & # 39; Moon before starting to Mars commercial delivery services.

The NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, has announced the news of the agency's headquarters in Washington for a period of 2019, which marks 50 years since his & her. first moon on moon.

He posted the news earlier this week when he tweeted that the US has gone to his "moon" faster than you think. "

Its space organization is on the # 39; First images and videos released, with a Spacecraft Twitter account reciting "quiet beauty here".

The $ 993 million on land, which seems to be in a good shape, will start to & # 39; Developing its arm of arm for a 360-step view, and using its earthquake sensors on the surface of Martian.

NASA engineers begin to start work with a & # 39; His strategic arm is quick, but they go carefully.

His armor has five reflective fingers to help her & # 39; Raise out and present her two instruments on Martian soil in the coming months.

"Deleting all my depressions, begins to erase my ghost, such as the previews and pics scenes," said NASA Twitter account.

"Until I'm ready to stretch my arms, the angles of my camera will be the same."

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