Nasa's Mars is included in & # 39; first photos from the red planet | Science

This is the view over Elysium Planitia, a large lava park near the middle of Mars, where Nasa and InSight fell ashore after it became hair on Monday. The authenticity of the earthly landscape broke out as the dust was thrown up when it still came to its surroundings.

Over the next few days, InSight will add more pictures of the tour site and return it to Earth where scientists are used to decide where the probe should submit their instruments .

The landlord's seismometer will be the ear to the ground listening for "marsquakes", which is split through the planet when broken tiles and rock are on the surface; underground shore. Another machine will be thrown into the ground and a & # 39; Reduce temperature to red planet.

Joy as Nasa tries to impact Mars on video

Hours after the InSight was slow down, the probe called the home gave the sun panels to open and they did; collect what a sun would be like come into the planet. On the brightened day of the 700W panels, enough to energize the power of a kitchen, and all sides need to work.

Taken with a clear textile cover on a camera lens, the picture was taken from the Martian surface to the Nasa Odyssey spaceboards, and thencered it 91m miles (146km) to Earth.

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