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New Supercomputer Views to show how to Black Tolllan Plasma Jets attack

Showing unparalleled plasma design. Image: Parfrey / LBNL

Researchers have used one of the world's most powerful supercomputers to gain a better understanding of how high energy plasma jets can escape from a severe black hole problem, which shoots – nothing else in his way, and including light.

Before staring and another case across a black hole to return – boundaries known as the "horizon of the event" – and to be lost with the black hole, they will be swept up in the circulation of the black hole. It is a question in physical computers for decades how some energy was protected to get out of its & # 39; process and take to plasma streams that travel through space near light speed.

As described in a paper published last week Corporate Review Correspondence, researchers linked to the Department of Power and the University of California Berkeley supercomputer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to Symptoms of plasma jets, content with electricly charged gas.

The symbols made forty-one messenger messages that try to explain how energy can be drawn from a black hole that's a? circulated.

The first theory tells how electricity is running around a black hole; pull the magnetic field to create a jet, called the Blandford-Znajek device. This theory proves that a material that is caught in a black hole that is infected with a toll; Increasingly expanding is being strengthened closer it will come to the horizon of the event. The black hole is a major leader in spinning in a large magnetic range, which gives a source of energy (voltage) between the black holes and its belt poles. This energy difference is then divided as jets at the black hole poles.

The other theory related to the Penrose process, which includes sections; coming near the sky is a black hole. In this situation, half of the small pieces that break out of the black hole and the other half of the lottery are a add negative power and fall into the black hole.

"The area around a moving black hole, known as the ergosphere, which includes each bottle to move in the same road to the black hole, "Kyle Parfrey, the principal author of her & NASA newspaper and theoretical expert, tell me in an email. "In this section, it is possible that some negative power in a part of power can be effective in some cases, if it is trying to think against the obstruction of the hole."

In other words, if half of the mirror is launched on the back of the back of the black hole, it will reduce the momentum or divide the black hole. But that power must move somewhere. In this case, it is converted into energy that is; Praise the other half of the details away from the black hole.

According to Parfrey, the Penrose process that was observed in their causes was slightly different from the classical situation of the divisions of the items described above, however. Instead of sharing the items to & # 39; Divide, the pieces cut into the phlasma are implemented by electromagnetic forces, some of which are being moved against a & # 39; The black hole is circulated on the adverse effects of energy. In this way, Parfrey said to me, that they are still considered to be a kind of Penrose process.

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This is an amazing part of my mind, Parfrey said to me, that it was likely that there would be a link between the Penford process and the Blandford-Znajek device, which had not previously been seen.

In order to create the upper fields that create energy from the black hole in the Blandford-Znajek device, the electric currents need to be transported with plasma entries and many of these crannogs had Negative power possession of the Penrose process.

"So it seems that the two equipment is connected, at least in some cases," said Parfrey.

Parfrey and his colleagues hope that their models will be able to provide a context; It is necessary to draw up images from the Telescope Event Horizon, a series of theologians that aim to direct the scene of the event of these plasma jets. In order for this first picture to be done, however, Parfery said that he and his colleagues want to settle those statues so that they can do so. better co-responding to existing ideas.

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