New York: The vaccines produce the biggest disease in 30 years t

As a result of an inflammatory crisis through the New York neighborhood on Tuesday on Tuesday, the Mayor Bill de Blasio set out an emergency crisis situation in four areas of Williamsburg, one of the key lines of a Jewish Jewish community.

Residents of the areas covered by the town order must be vaccinated compulsory in the next two days. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to $ 1,000. "There should be no doubt that the safe, effective and life-saving vaccines are" right for the capital of New York.

In December the city of New York issued an emergency order asking for some schools to prevent students from attending a class that hadn't been immunized.

This is the biggest reason for the growth of disease in the decades.

A fortnight ago, like the unique situation, Rockland County requested that children get no money to public places for 30 days until the emergency information came to an end, but a judge ordered it to be carried out. T to collect. This is the worst step so far.

New York health authorities identified the first issue in October: a child returning from a trip to Israel. Since then, the condition has grown steadily, with most people suffering from the disease among those under 18 years of age who have not been immunized. A total of 280 people who were counted in the city were out of 495 in the US. New York launched a campaign in February to tell neighbors about the need for a vaccine. "This is the only way to stop him," they want.

The City's Health Department will continue to look at every vaccine register of neighbors that may have communicated with which the infection has been affected.

Measles, limbs and rubella vaccines are essential for school-age children. However, the Ultra-Ochdodox families welcome religious reasons to avoid it. Since November, the health authorities have held meetings with the religious leaders and children.

Vaccinations were refused

Interference communities live remotely and refuse to interrupt any external controls. The decision by the bailiff, as revealed by the group Agudath Israel, leads to riot.

However, less accurate directors advise members of the congregations to follow health authority proposals. Gary Schlesinger says that measles do not discriminate between religions "and so think that" everyone should have a vaccination ".

The first problem has been the worst eruption since 1991. New York is not the only effect even though measles in the US were canceled in the year 2000.

There are 495 cases in 19 states this year in the Center for Control and Prevention (CDC). Of that total, one was in the last week.

The authorities are taking this situation with the presumption against immunization. The CPC confirmed, in fact, that this week was mostly people who were not properly protected against the virus.

Health officers check that measles is very severe. "If someone is, 90% of the people will be affected if they are not free."

The World Health Organization says that one of the main causes of death among children. And all that protection is available and effective.

In line with this situation, in their last report over the past year, the WHO has included vaccines among the health risks in Europe. He established that there was not enough childhood immunization, which was largely the result of parents refusing to give their children immunization, as one of the major threats to European welfare.

The document shows that Europe has made great progress in the health of its population in recent years. All causes of mortality were reduced (25% in 15 years on average), which has changed to life expectancy (almost a year in the five years, to 77.9) and also in an increase in a quality which older people enjoy for these years they live longer.

However, these developments can be "mitigated" or "reversed" if no steps are taken to address structural problems such as inequality and phenomena such as having no child immunization.

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