Newell got a big hit in Tucumn and went to the surgeon

The 15th date of the Argentine Super League Football League and Newell goes to San Martn de Tucumn the same day of day. With two goals Francisco Fydriszewski and another by Alexis Rodrguez, an Lepra won 3 to 0 in the Citadel. On the other hand, it has the double warning Rodrigo Moreira it was very reasonable for the surgeon to play a big part of the game with lower numbers.

Initially, San Francisco started to visit Vitor Figueroa, the game returned to zero to return with equality. The first stage did not have many activities I ended up with equal strength and one smaller player for the area. The water has come from the recent objectives in the proportion. Francisco Fydriszewski opened the scoring at 10 and was converted again at 41 minutes. The third hits came with Alexis Rodrguez to convict the final result.

After 15 matches and interim technology, Lepra I returned to influence as a visitor, and San Mart again dropped in the haul zone. Newell& # 39;s placed at number 12 in the roots with 18 points and San Mart has 16 units in place 19.


San Martn (T): Jorge Carranza; Rodrigo Moreira, Lucas Acevedo, Hernn Petryk and Gustavo Abreg; Adrin Arregui, Alberto Costa, Emiliano Purita and Matas Garca; Luciano Pons and Claudio Bieler.

Newells Old Boys: Alan Aguerre; Facundo Nadaln, Stel Callegari, Fabricio Fontanini and Leonel Ferroni; Jernimo Cacciabue, Braian Rivero, Mauro Formica and Vctor Figueroa; Francisco Fydriszewski and Hctor Frtoli.

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